Liliana Rodríguez would be one of the participants of ‘LCDLF3’ and they believe that she would only talk about her father

Liliana Rodríguez would be one of the participants of ‘LCDLF3’ and they believe that she would only talk about her father

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The Venezuelan Liliana Rodríguez would be one of the participants of ‘The House of Famous 3’, a season that will begin on January 17 and that Telemundo will broadcast for the next three months, time where each of the contestants must comply with the rules established in a contract and also go through each level to be able to win the biggest prize.

However, last Friday they mentioned that It will be on Tuesday when they finish knowing the names of the rest of the celebrities who agreed to compete on this occasion. In turn, Rodríguez uploaded a photo to his Instagram story where he could see that he was at the airport in Mexico, the country from which the most recognized Spanish-speaking reality show of the moment is broadcast.

Some personalities from the world of entertainment that were confirmed by the television plant have been: Osmel Sousa, The Materialist, Paty Navidad, Juan Rivera, Aylín Mujica and Arturo Carmona.

In turn, the comments on the publication did not wait, because Internet users expressed what they thought about their possible participation. Some of them explained that He will surely talk about his relationship with his father, José Luis Rodríguezwho for quite some time have expressed their differences.

In addition, the followers explained that she would be taking the character that Daniella Navarro assumed during the second season, as well as others consider that she will not go far and could be one of the first eliminated from the reality show.

“The Niurka of this season”, “Get ready for three months to listen to the soap opera with your dad“,” I do know her and I like her, but I with Paty “,” My mother is going to give a show “,” The first week she was gone, this girl doesn’t like her “,” What has this woman done? ”, “She is very funny“”, “Why don’t they put Klitbo or Adame in”, “You have to get her out first”, “She is the Daniella Navarro 2“,” “I’m going to see it for her,” “Thank you for letting me know that she’s going to be there so I don’t see it,” “Nothing to do, who is she?”, “You give it better than Telemundo,” “And then they She goes when they don’t do what she wants”, “Put Alfredo Adame in”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

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