Lionel Messi spoke for the first time in an interview about his retirement as a professional player – La Opinion

Lionel Messi spoke for the first time in an interview about his retirement as a professional player – La Opinion

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Lionel Messi was interviewed for Saudi Arabian television, which was broadcast on Tuesday past and you can see the 36-year-old Argentine forward who could not be part of his country’s national team in the last FIFA double date due to an injury, talking about football, his career and some other details about his intimacy, Lionel Messi off the court.

The current leader of Inter Miami of Major League Soccer reviewed moments that he lived in his youth and with the passing of the years that forged his character: “As a child, when I lived in Rosario, surrounded by family and friends, I did what I liked, which was playing soccer. Going to live in Spain was a difficult change. He was a boy and it was starting from scratch, new school, new friends.”

But Barcelona always treated me spectacularly, and the fact of doing what I like At Barcelona it was impressive, I focused on that and enjoyed it a lot; without having been easy, because it was a resounding change,” commented the Rosario idol in the note with the Riyad Season podcast.

Barcelona departure and World Cup in Qatar

Messi’s departure from Barcelona Football Club was not easy for the player, his family and much less for the culé fans, and setting a course for France, although it meant new challenges for the Argentine, was not what was expected: “The move to Paris was difficult because I did not expect it, I planned to continue in Barcelona,” he stressed. . Furthermore, he made it clear that if the championship was not achieved in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he would have made a fatal decision for Argentina. “If things had not happened the way they did, I would have left the National Team, because I was about to take another step in my career, change clubs again and things would have changed, surely.”

Messi is more than known on the playing field, but outside of it not much is known, so when the Argentine is away from the soccer ball he tries to lead a simple and quiet life: “I try to enjoy my family a lot. Nothing specific, I play with my children. To the ball or to video games, what any parent can do. The truth is that the three of them (Thiago, Mateo and Ciro) at this moment love playing ball. When they are not at school, it is playing games,” he commented.

Messi loves sports and not only football is what he enjoys the most: “I see everything, I like tennis, paddle tennis, basketball, and now I am learning a lot about American football, I have understood it more being close to the United States and I enjoy it,” he surprised.

Something that the player loves to do is be able to share with his wife Antonella to watch series and movies in free time and rest: “I will choose one, because lately I have been watching a lot. I can tell you Game of Thrones, which I really liked and I saw it more than once.” Asked what makes him cry, he accepted: “I don’t know, but I am very sensitive, I consider myself a person with a big heart.” And, despite the gestures that are perceived on social networks on the couple’s special dates, he indicated: “I have my moments, my details, but I don’t consider myself very romantic.”

Getting to know Lionel Andrés more

Are you given the power to cook?

The truth is no, very fair in the kitchen. I know how to cook, but little. I cook, but I’m not good, I can get away with it.”

Why is the brain more important than skills?

Mentality is the most important thing for a player. “If you have the skills and ability to be professional, but you don’t have a strong mindset, the work and sacrifice become very difficult.”

Are there any dreams left to achieve in your career?

Luckily, I have achieved everything in my career”.

The most enjoyable moment in the World Cup

After the brutal blow in the first game, we then had a wonderful month. “I save all the moments, but without a doubt I choose the moment to lift the World Cup.”

Does criticism hurt or bother you?

“Everyone has the right to express their opinion and if the criticism is about football I have no problem. I am the first critic of myself, it is part of the game.”

How does Messi manage to be so current?

I always ate well and trained, but as I got older I realized that physical effort is becoming more and more difficult. “As you get older, things get more difficult.”

Are you thinking about retirement, is it close?

I don’t think about that yet. The moment I feel like I’m not going to benefit my team, I will retire. When the time comes, I will find my way to what fulfills me.”

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