List of those eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: the inhabitants who have said ‘goodbye’ – El Diario NY

List of those eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: the inhabitants who have said ‘goodbye’ – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 22

In ‘The House of Famous People 4’ Things have advanced at a dizzying pace, to the point that there are already 10 eliminated this season, with several inhabitants of the fire and water rooms being those who have not had the support of the public of the reality show on the Telemundo network and that is why they ended up leaving. .

In El Diario de Nueva York we remind you who have been the first 10 eliminated from the competition that the entertainment company broadcasts uninterruptedly.

The first 10 eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ are the following

Christian Estrada

Leslie Gallardo

Fernando Lozada

Mariana Gonzalez

Sophie Durand

The Little Baby

Robbie Mora

Gutty Career

Alfredo Adame

The Bronca

These eliminations show that these residents were not able to connect enough with the public to stay in the race for the $200,000 prize they give to the winner of the competition.

Other departures in ‘The House of the Famous 4’

This season has been characterized by some controversial exits within the reality show, such as that of Thalí García, who could not stand the pressure and comments that arose about an alleged romance with Lupillo Rivera.

Because many commented that something was happening with the ‘Toro del Corrido’, the artist decided to withdraw from the competition and after this she made strong accusations against Telemundo, due to alleged irregularities that arose while she was in the mansion.

On the list of residents who left the reality show is Gregorio Pernía, who was affected by the confinement and by having his family far away.

After thinking about the decision for several days, she left the house and became one of the strongest casualties.

The other controversial situation occurred with Carlos Gómez, a former Venezuelan player who had an aggressive attitude and ended up hitting Rodrigo Romeh. This fact was quite viral and caused rejection from the production and the audience, thus ending his participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’.

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