Lorena Meritano talks about her relationship with Yolanda Andrade: “It was a very violent moment” – El Diario NY

Lorena Meritano talks about her relationship with Yolanda Andrade: “It was a very violent moment” – El Diario NY

Lorena Meritano has been one of the figures in the world of entertainment who had a romantic relationship with Yolanda Andrade. For this reason, she offered an interview where she explained how complicated their love bond became while they were together.

“The story was very funny. She was in teacher (Adriana) Barraza’s class. I started receiving some letters and then flowers at home. Seriously, (Yolanda Andrade)’s tools to conquer are incredible. It was a very particular time“What we experienced was very short, but I remember it very beautifully,” he said on Imagen TV.

Meritano took the opportunity to highlight that it was more than evident that things between them did not end as they should: “Maybe it didn’t end very well at that moment.”

“It was a time for Yolanda, who, thank God, is recovered today. I didn’t see her with any substance, not anything, really. We shared cinnamon tea, I didn’t drink alcohol. But it was a time when she had a (dominant) character and, perhaps, did things that were not right, but she has recovered and that is the important thing. I lied to him, I told him that I was going with my comadre to Valle de Bravo, in reality I went with a boy. Yolanda comes in with Martha and her friend, I don’t remember the name, they were her two friends, I almost died. I see her entering like a Pablo Escobar boss, like Griselda, pissed off,” he commented to Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Lorena undoubtedly ended up with a rather unpleasant experience that she unfortunately remembers clearly: “The truth was that it was a very violent moment there. She pulled my hair. She told me ‘I treat you like a queen and you, I don’t know what’. I stood still, she pulled my hair, she slapped me and I looked at her. She reaches me here (her breast). I looked at her and said ‘are you done? She pulled me, she slapped me and I left.”

Yolanda Andrade was Lorena Meritano's romantic partner.
Yolanda Andrade was Lorena Meritano’s romantic partner.
Credit: Mezcalo

“In the room. The boy in his bed, me on the floor, sleeping separately. He came to knock on the bedroom door. He entered the room and I took her away. He wanted to leave. She was hitting the wall, I couldn’t do anything. She said horrible rude things to me. When she got to the car I came across something that scared me a lot (a gun). I got him to leave. “My best friends from Mexico bought me a ticket to Argentina and I fell into my town.”he added during the conversation.

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