Lucerito defends himself against comments towards his body: “if I make those jokes it’s because of me”

Lucerito defends himself against comments towards his body: “if I make those jokes it’s because of me”

The comments towards people’s bodies They are still being done, although in public life and mainly on social networks, there are more and more people who question and criticize these actions, including the singer. bright Star.

Recently, the actress and her family were involved in a controversy, because she defended his daughter, better known as “Lucerito”, from the comments by Luis Videgaray, Sofía Rivera Torres and José Ramón San Cristobal during the program What does it matter?

The three mentioned during one of their broadcasts that the daughter of Lucero and Mijares “Sometimes they confused her with a man.”

What did Lucerito say about the comments towards his physique?

In an interview with Adela Micha on her program “The Saga“, Lucero and Lucerito They revealed what the influencer’s reaction was when she found out that They had criticized his body and that had caused a debate on networks.

“Well, it’s good that they said it about me and not about some of my friends who can feel very bad and can be so vulnerable,” Lucero said about what her daughter said.

Later, Lucerito mentioned that it seemed “strange” that the drivers made those comments about her.

Lucerito defends himself

“I didn’t care but it was like ‘how strange, I haven’t gotten involved with them, I don’t know them’ if I had said pure bad vibes to them, well, chance there if (…) here it was: we are going to mess with that girl because we want to“said the influencer.

Likewise, she commented with the host that it is different for her to make comments about her own body than for someone else to do so. In this regard, Lucero also commented that making fun of oneself is not an invitation for someone else to do it.

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“If I make jokes about that (his physique) it’s because of me,” he stressed.

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