Lucerito Mijares explains how she prevents negative comments from harming her – El Diario NY

Lucerito Mijares explains how she prevents negative comments from harming her – El Diario NY

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Lucerito mentioned that when he found out about the criticism, he decided not to get into controversies and preferred to stay out of it, focusing on his career and continuing to grow as an artist. In addition, she thanked her followers and her family for their support, who have always supported her at all times. For this reason, Lucero remembered the moment when a video about her daughter went viral: “I grab it, I go and open the shower for her and I tell her, ‘baby, there is a merequetengue (disaster). on Twitter because there are three people who said a lot of things… I started telling him everything.”

“If I make jokes about it, it’s for me, I can make jokes for myself,” Lucerito responded to his mother, who were also invited to ‘Saga Live’ to talk about the controversy generated by the television presenters. “You can make jokes about yourself, but that does not invite people to insult you or make fun of you.”

“At the moment when I was in the shower it was like ‘How strange! I didn’t care,'” I mean, I didn’t care, but it was like ‘How strange, I don’t know them, I haven’t messed with them.’ I mean, if I had said pure bad vibes to them, then there was a chance, but here it was like ‘Ah, we’re going to mess with that girl because we want to’, it was strange, it was like ‘What’s happening?’” Lucero and Mijares’ daughter said.

The young singer made it clear that She is focused on her music and continuing to work hard to achieve her goals, without being affected by criticism. that may arise against you. Despite everything, Lucerito was strong and determined to move forward, showing that she has great determination and a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

“I was just telling my mother ‘If this happens to you, friends or family, I will go out and tell them everything because they are people I love’, but, well, fortunately my parents have taught me to shield myself because in this environment They just say everything about everything and they don’t care, but I think at that moment I told my mother: ‘The humor is there and there are people who do it however they want to do it, but humor is one thing and insulting is another thing’”, added the 19-year-old singer.

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