Luis Fonsi has been helping St. Jude for more than 20 years and his children surprise with a gesture

Luis Fonsi has been helping St. Jude for more than 20 years and his children surprise with a gesture

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The singer Luis Fonsi for some time decided to make a commitment to lend his collaboration to those who need it most and, after learning about the work carried out by St. Jude, specialized in oncology made the determination to become one more that contributes a grain of sandthis was stated during an exclusive interview with People en Español.

“It was not until 2006 that I physically had the privilege of knowing the hospital and the research and I was a little with the patients, understanding a little how St. Jude impacts, changes so many lives, and there my commitment was formalized. I became a messenger (of the institution). It is important for us as parents that (our children) understand how privileged we are to be healthy and how important it is to help those who do not have it,” explained the Puerto Rican.

The singer-songwriter fulfills this commitment on an annual basis, while making it clear how important it is for him to help. In addition, he explained that his children understand what happens in this case, since Mikaela, who is the older of the two, is the one who best processes what happens.

“They understand, especially the big girl, they understand why I do it, what St. Jude does, has seen it and she has been involved by her side, doing things and her projects. They are always there, collecting their money and helping. (It is something that touches me) very much. Everything changes you, becoming a father in itself changes everything… you see everything in a different color”, added the interpreter of ‘It rains inside’.

The Spanish model Agueda López explained the process that both decide to follow in order to meet the commitments they have, because in her case she decided to move away from the world of fashion when her two children were young.

“When I decided to get away from the catwalks a bit, because my children were very young, like when I decided to return, like when I decide to do a different project, it is there. He (Luis) is now doing ‘La Voz de España’ and we just landed, he stayed there two days ago and I told him: ‘I’m going to New York’… He told me: ‘Go, go to New York, enjoy ‘He knows how much I love Custo, he was in Custo’s last show here too, so He has always been a super support for me in everything professional, as a mother, as a person, as a woman”said Lopez.

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