Luisito Comunica visits mega prison in El Salvador;  They criticize him for “support” for Bukele

Luisito Comunica visits mega prison in El Salvador; They criticize him for “support” for Bukele

Less than a week after his latest controversy, the influencer Luisito Comunica was in trend again, but this time, due to his visit to the Terrorism Confinement Center (CECOT)to one of the prisons most controversial in El Salvador.

The content creator showed what the prison is like in which the recently re-elected president of that country, Nayib Bukeleimprisoned thousands of people whom he himself describes as “gang members.”

During his tour, Lusito Comunica He detailed the methods of punishment for the inmates, the cells and beds where they sleep, what admission is like and even how food is distributed within the prison. security prison of the Central American country.

“The prison is built with a technology that does not allow there to be a telephone signal so that nothing can really be communicated from here, in the same way, they take you to a room where they search you, they take off your shoes, they check you up to the thickness of the sock, it is not for nothing that it receives the definition of a maximum security prison,” said the influencer.

The video he made Luisito Comunica has been harshly criticized on social networks, as some comments claim that it is “propaganda” for the government of Nayib Bukele and that also “dehumanizes” the prisoners.

“It’s terrifying, it’s just a few meters from murderers, kidnappers, without any type of protection, luckily there are literally dozens of guards, I won’t deny it, it’s an experience that’s a little scary,” says the YouTuber while showing the prisoners in formation. .

“The guy refers to the prisoners as “beings”, reinforces the idea that they deserve the treatment they experience there, naturalizes that they lose rights (such as visits) and basically strives to dehumanize the prisoners whenever he can, to take away their quality of people”, is one of the comments that can be read on social networks regarding the work that the influencer did.

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In 2021, Luisito Comunica interviewed the president of The Savior in the podcast “En Cortinas”, a situation that also caused controversy and is the reason for Internet users to ensure that the YouTuber is making propaganda towards the Central American president.

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