Lumine from Genshin Impact dazzles everyone with this attractive mod

Lumine from Genshin Impact dazzles everyone with this attractive mod

We cannot deny that Genshin Impact is full of beautiful female characters who have not taken long to become some of the “waifus” fan favorites. However, after more than 4 years of new content, many believe it would be unfair to forget about its charismatic female protagonist, Lumine. This is the character that the vast majority of players used for the first time and some fans still appreciate the simple, but adorable design of him, like the creator of this excellent mod.

This mod of the protagonist of Genshin Impact will steal your heart!

Genshin Impact Lumine Mod #1Genshin Impact Lumine Mod #1

Do you remember the event of Iridescent Tour What could we see within Genshin Impact recently? This was the inspiration behind this amazing user-created mod Dasbirb which was later uploaded to the site specialized in mods, Game Banana. Lumine ditches her classic fantasy outfit and replaces it with something more modern, and the end result looks surprisingly good. She possesses that perfect balance of good taste, as she looks attractive but doesn’t feel cheap and uncomfortable, but still looks elegant and subtle.

In this Genshin Impact mod, we can see Lumine wearing a combination of black shorts and blouse, with some accessories of the same color (such as her belt or her sleeves) but with some bright colored objects that complement each other perfectly, such as her light blue ribbons, her white & blue jacket and scarf and a small bouquet of white flowers at her waist and hair. The author also clarified in the description of the mod that there are different buttons with which the player can activate or deactivate the jacket, scarf and socks according to his own preference.

Genshin Impact Lumine Mod #2Genshin Impact Lumine Mod #2

Although of course, not everything is perfect: Dasbirb explains that there may be slight model stretching problems in some of his animations. But that’s a really minor thing in what is still a really lovely mod. This talented modder managed to make the modest protagonist of Genshin Impact look even more charismatic and fun, something that many believed would be impossible. In the game images that she published, we can see that Lumine looks surprisingly comfortable and natural in this outfit, as if it were an official skin created by HoYoverse.

If Lumine is one of the characters you use the most (Or you just really like this design) you can search for Dasbirb’s profile on Game Banana to download it. The truth is that the huge Genshin Impact community continues to surprise us with the number of high-quality mods they managed to create. And don’t worry, because we can assure you that there is a mod for every type of fan, no matter what your “waifu” preferred. Here at Anmo Sugoi we will keep you informed about the best mods that fans of this popular video game are creating.

Lumine In Genshin ImpactLumine In Genshin Impact

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