Lupita D’Alessio will say goodbye to music with “dignity”

Lupita D’Alessio will say goodbye to music with “dignity”


Lupita D’Alessio is about to say goodbye to music. Her voice has been the soundtrack of broken hearts and company for the most melancholic moments. She is, without a doubt, a reference artist for her successes throughout Latin America with more than 50 years of artistic career.

“The truth is that if. I think it’s time [de decir adiós]», D’Alessio mentioned to the Mexican media. «The times are God’s, not mine, but I feel that I should start training for that moment. And this is thanks to Mexico, because this is where I made myself known. Currently the singer is carrying out her “Gracias Tour de Lupita”.

According to People magazine, D’Alessio assured that with this series of presentations he will begin his gradual exit from the stage. “It’s time to say goodbye. We don’t know when, but soon. Because I am already 68 years old. It’s not that I’m bad vocally, on the contrary, I’m super good; but the body says something else », he stressed. “I’m going to turn 69.”

At the same time, he said that he has a life to attend to. «I am a grandmother, a mother, a woman and I have my privacy too. But, of course, I think that in style we would have to do it and that is what we want ».


Lupita D’Alessio asserted that her greatest interest is to retire with dignity and in style. «You have to leave well, strong, healthy, vocally well, up, not down, not bad. I think it is important to know how to withdraw; even if they are mixed feelings, even if your life is the stage », she warned.

“I feel like it’s not easy to make a decision like that and I’m not making it.”

The singer carved out a successful career in the 80s and early 90s. In that list, she includes songs like “Don’t ask who”, “Poor friend”, “Acaríciame”, among others.


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