Madonna would have rejected Belinda during her shows in Mexico – El Diario NY

Madonna would have rejected Belinda during her shows in Mexico – El Diario NY

After the series of shows that Madonna provided in Mexico in previous weeks, which were characterized by having the assistance of various personalities such as the actors Alberto Guerra, Salma Hayek and even the influencer Wendy Guevara On stage, new information has revealed that the “Queen of Pop” would have rejected an artist of great “weight” in Mexico and the Latin market: Belinda.

Through his official TikTok account, the influencer Sebastian Reséndiz He shared a video in which he revealed the supposed “no” that the “La Isla María” interpreter would have said to the actress.

In the shared material, Reséndiz He pointed out that she was also the influencer Wendy Guevaraone of the big surprises in one of the shows Madonnawho told him that his mother Belinda approached Guevara to “ask” for the “contact” of the work team of Madonna.

According to Sebastián, the goal of the mother of Belinda When carrying out this task, it was to try to convince the artist to include the “Boba Niña Nice” performer as part of her shows, which were characterized by bringing a recognized star on stage in the country where the concert was being held to perform a small act together with the American.

What did Madonna say to Belinda’s mother?

Although in the video, Sebastian Reséndiz did not reveal whether Madonna He responded directly to Belinda’s mother for said request, if she mentioned that the film director’s team rejected the Mexican and only considered her as a guest among the public.


However, and within the same material, the influencer did not reveal the reason why Madonna I would have said no to Belinda.

The above, logically, has created all kinds of reactions against the “Vogue” performer for supposedly rejecting one of the artists with the greatest impact and significance in the Mexican and Latin market.

Madonna posing.
Madonna invited Salma Hayek, Alberto Guerra, among others to her shows.
Credit: Mezcalo

However, others have pointed out that Madonna He chose only those he considered “suitable” for his show. Until now, Belinda has not mentioned or revealed information regarding this situation.

Belinda continues her path towards consolidation

After his return to the music scene, after the release of “Cactus” last January, Belinda He recently released his new single with one of the most acclaimed artists of the so-called corridos tumbados: Natanael Cano.

Together with the Mexican singer, the actress also released her single “300 Nights” a few weeks ago, which has been considered a possible scam on her ex-partner. Christian Nodal.

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