Majo Aguilar rules out rivalry with her cousin 脕ngela Aguilar and assures that there is a lot of love between them

Angela Aguilar.

Angela Aguilar.

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Among Nice and Angela Aguilar there is only love, admiration and a lot of respect.

They can compare them on social networks or try to make enemies of them, but the family bond and the affection between the two is stronger.

鈥淭he media has tried to make a lot of clashes between us, but she (脕ngela) is on her roll, I on mine. In fact, we don鈥檛 see each other as much as we used to when we were kids, but the affection and love are there because I love her very much and I love my family very much鈥, Majo Aguilar affirmed in an interview for Agencia Reforma.

Faced with speculation that the daughters of Antonio Aguilar Jr. and Pepe Aguilar did not get along, both initially denied the rumors. Then they chose to give each other something to talk about with comments, in a sarcastic way.

Now the premiums are a bit far apart, but not because of any disagreement but rather because each one attends to work commitments, said Majo.

鈥淓veryone is on their own. They (Pepe and his children) are doing their show and I focus on my work. Love there is a lot, I would love to underline thatbut right now everyone is doing their things, that鈥檚 how life marked it, destiny, 鈥渟aid the 27-year-old singer.

鈥淢y goal is to be making music, we each have our place and I鈥檓 happy that people like my proposal,鈥 she added.

Majo is currently promoting his album Mi Herencia, Mi Sangre, released in October of last year, and a few days ago he premiered his single 鈥淭e lo dijo鈥, a duet with Colombian singer Nab谩lez.

鈥淭he song is very good because it is when the heart is scolding you, it questions you about why you went that way? It tells you: 鈥業 warned you,鈥欌 he said.

In addition, Majo is part of the jury in the reality show Music Battles Mexico beside Laura Zapata, White Martinez 鈥淭he Chicuela鈥 and the baby. The program airs on Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on Azteca Uno.

鈥淚 am taking this with great humility, from the beginning I said that what I wanted to contribute was going to be my heart because that is how I do my projects. Among the judges, much of what we say to each other is silly, we are playing all the time, I respect them all a lot, it is part of the game that we are having fun.

鈥淚t is very interesting that we respect each other, but suddenly we have our differences in opinions and that is important for a good criticism of the participants,鈥 shared Aguilar.

On the other hand, regarding his romance with Gil Cherryvocalist of Kinky, the artist assured that despite the 16-year age difference between the two, this does not bother them.

鈥淢any people believe that I am the one at parties, but it is the opposite, sometimes I tell Gil that I am lazy to go to parties, here it is the other way around.

鈥淕il is a very lively person, with a lot of energy, that is great, I love the difference. He has a lot of experience in music, he is great because I admire him and I love him, 鈥渉e said.

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