Make your plants FLOWER with homemade fertilizer made from baking soda

Make your plants FLOWER with homemade fertilizer made from baking soda

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If you want your garden to look full of flowers To celebrate the arrival of spring you will have to do some tasks so that your floors are in an optimal state, you should make sure to clean the soil or the pots well, making sure to remove all the weeds that detract from the strength and nutrients of your plants. floorstry not to throw it away or get rid of it, it is more useful than you imagine.

You should also prune your floors and trees to remove all the leaves, branches and dry flowers that may be hindering their growth and renewal process. Do not throw these elements in the trash either, they can be reused in an ecological way. It is also important that you make sure that your crops do not have pests in the soil or on their stems. If so, you will have to find an alternative to eliminate them so that they do not damage your plants.

The same will happen with fungi if you find the presence of some in the lower part of the leaves of your trees, with the help of scissors prune the damaged branches to prevent the fungal infection from spreading, finally, place passthis will help your plants have the nutrients they need.

Prepare this homemade fertilizer with baking soda

To ensure that your plants flourish and stay strong and healthy, you must make sure that they have the necessary nutrients to do so. We will share with you an excellent recipe so that you can provide your crops with the necessary vitamins and minerals so that they remain strong and burst with flowers in spring. To do this we will use the fabulous power of baking soda of sodium.

To prepare this pass organic For your plants to flourish you need: 4 liters of water, a cup of baking soda of sodiumtwo cups of vegetable ash, the dried flowers and leaves that we remove from the trees and the weeds that we remove from the garden. These are the ideal ingredients that will help us make a completely homemade fertilizer. organic so that the floors flourish during spring.

In a large container we will place the water and add the baking soda of sodiumwith the help of a stick or a spoon we will stir until it dissolves, now we will add the vegetable ash and wait for it to hydrate very well, we will stir so that it integrates perfectly. Now we will take the dry leaves, dried flowers and weeds and with a knife we ​​will break everything into small pieces.

We will add the pieces of floors to the container and mix perfectly. Now we will let the pass organic rest in the container for at least 3 days, the mixture will not spoil, on the contrary, it is excellent for floors. If your plants are in the garden you can use this fertilizer as irrigation water as is from the container to the plant or if you wish you can strain it, although it is recommended that it be applied directly once a week to ensure that your plants flourish.

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