Manuel Velasco, Anahí’s husband, on the audit at RBD: “At no time did he defend Guillermo” – El Diario NY

Manuel Velasco, Anahí’s husband, on the audit at RBD: “At no time did he defend Guillermo” – El Diario NY

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Manuel Velasco said that his wife Anahí has ​​always been very clear in condemning any act of corruption and that her publication on social networks was simply a show of courtesy, without representing an endorsement of any dishonest behavior. The statements were recorded after the photo that he shared with Guillermo Rosas, former manager of RBD.

“We must differentiate the professional issue from the personal issue, at no time did my wife express that message to want to hurt anyone, much less. What I can tell you is that my wife, because it is public, she had a friendship for more than 20 years with Guillermo, who There were personal things that hurt her a lot, so on that issue she has been very hurt, because practically the relationship with Guillermo on a personal and friendship level is over; However, she has made it very clear that she has no hard feelings,” Manuel said exclusively to ‘Ventaneando’.

The husband of the Mexican singer expressed that she showed her solidarity with the rest of the team after the decision they made due to the departure of the team’s former manager: “On a professional level, she When they decided to remove Guillermo as president of the company, he agreed. in supporting their colleagues.”

“What I can tell you is that my wife at no time defended Guillermo, “Since the United States tour, he has not seen Guillermo again.”he added about the deal they once had.

On the other hand, he pointed out that as a family they have decided to stay out of the controversies and let the corresponding authorities investigate and determine responsibilities. For this reason, he did not hesitate to highlight the celebration of another year of life, since last May 14 he turned 41.

“Anahí spent her birthday with her family, very pampered, very happy, I think that “There is no need to give greater importance to that.”he said in front of the cameras of the aforementioned television program.

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