Mara Wilson: the difficult before and the successful after the protagonist of ‘Matilda’

Mara Wilson: the difficult before and the successful after the protagonist of ‘Matilda’

A look at the career of actress Mara Wilson after her retirement.

A look at the career of actress Mara Wilson after her retirement.

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When Mara Wilson She was a small actress who managed to captivate the public with her great tenderness and charisma.

However, few know that weeks before the premiere of ‘Matilda’, the child star faced one of the most difficult moments of his life when her mom, Suzie Wilson, passed away from cancer.

By becoming a teenager, the actress walked away from the cameras and the middle of the show. Nevertheless, he focused on something he is passionate about: writing. In her biography ‘Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame’, the star explained that her transition to adolescence was very difficult, as she felt pressured to follow Hollywood beauty standards.

Mara Wilson wrote: “People have said to me, ‘The way you judge yourself, on the surface, is on a really weird level.’ Well, it’s because I grew up in Hollywood. I had good experiences there, but I always knew that there were girls much prettier than meand knew that he was always competing with them. That has followed me all my life.”

In addition, he stressed that at some point he thought about resorting to surgery to change his face: “Even though part of me knew I wasn’t going back to film acting, sometimes I wished I was in an accident where I injured my nose and jaw so I could rebuild without guilt. Things have improved a lot since I left Hollywood, a big weight off.”

Who is Mara Wilson, one of the best-known children’s faces in cinema?

Mara Wilson was born on July 24, 1986 in the United States. His passion for acting began when he saw his older brother, Danny, acting in commercials. and she asked her parents to study acting.

Although Mara Wilson is recognized for her role in the film ‘Matilda’the actress also participated in other films. At the age of six, she came to the big screen in the film ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ with Robin Williams. She later participated in another very successful Christmas movie: ‘Miracle on 34th Street’. The following year, the star had a recurring role as Petrova on the hit series “Melrose Place” and as Barbara Barton on the made-for-TV movie “A Time to Heal.”

Throughout his career Mara Wilson has developed as a double for film, television and has also participated in the theater. In addition to that, he has shown his skills in writing and dramaturgy.

In 2000 Mara Wilson had a brief appearance in the film ‘Thomas and the Magic Railroad’, his last major role on the big screen.

Mara Wilson graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy in 2005 and years later he decided to study at the University of New York, where he specialized in media and performance arts. After his retirement, the star returned to the middle of the show, but no longer in the cinema or on television. The famous she participated as a dubbing actress in series such as ‘BoJack Horseman’ and ‘Big Hero 6’.

In recent years he has also collaborated on different podcasts such as ‘Welcome to Night Vale’, not without mentioning that he writes articles for different media, including The New York Times.

In 2021 Mara Wilson posted on Instagram that had been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). He explained: “It’s a condition of the autonomic nervous system, which controls a lot of the bodily functions that you don’t really think about much, like blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.” Mary explained that, Fortunately, there is treatment and in his case the disease is not so serious.

Although Mara Wilson has moved away from the cameras, at 35 she still has many followers, who remember her for having marked their childhood.

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