Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira show off their son for the first time;  Who does he look like?

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira show off their son for the first time; Who does he look like?



Considered one of the most controversial and beloved couples in recent years.Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira They have known very well how to get away from criticism and ensure that it does not interfere with their family well-being, so until now, the couple has decided introduce officially to your baby, Well, through their social networks, the little one appeared and Internet users have begun to see the similarities between Mom and Dad; what do you think?

It is important to mention that the couple has been in the middle of accusations for their marriagebecause even though it was one of the most luxurious weddings in the medium of entertainment, The wide age difference between them meant that a lot was said about the famous Puerto Rican salsa singer Well, just a few weeks later, not only was the pregnancy of the beauty queen, But it was even said that divorce could be close.

And it has been said a lot that there is only one contract between them so that she could promote her career and he would be on the front pages of the magazine. music industry; However, they themselves were in charge of dispelling doubts and assured that the love and desire to form a family were true, because on social networks they do not miss the opportunity to be seen as more united than ever, and in June 2023 His wishes were fulfilled.

Photos: IG / nobodyferreira

It is important to remember that in the middle of last year the couple welcomed their first baby in common, even though it did appear in the digital platforms of his famous parents, had not been officially presented, since even the gender of the minor was unknown until now, since the same 24 year old model He congratulated his firstborn on his nine months of life and here we tell you who he looks like.

Mom or dad?

It has been through Instagram profile of both celebrities where they posted a photo of their beautiful baby nine months old, as he showed off a luxurious outfit that includes his small Jordan signature sneakers, as well as a beige outfit that highlights the tenderness of the son less than Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husbandwho never really agreed with the beauty queen’s union.

It is worth mentioning that through the beautiful publication that has already exceeded 400 thousand likes from the followers of celebrities, the bets have begun to appear to see who looks most like the little who do you know as Marquitosbecause according to fans he inherited the best genes from Nadia FerreiraWell, not only the colored eyes but also the refined features of the beauty queen.

Photos: IG / nobodyferreira

While the faithful fans of the 55-year-old salsa singer assure that the baby is the perfect combination of both celebrities, Marc Anthony is also present in the child’s face, so without a doubt the followers of both have been fascinated with the beautiful presentation of the child.


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