Marc Anthony publishes a photograph with Nadia Ferreira and she tells him: “Unforgettable night”

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Marc Anthony published some photographs in which he poses with Nadia Ferreira, the Miss Paraguay who participated in the 2021 edition of Miss Universe. Eva Longoria appears in the first image of the photo gallery, while in the second graphic Ferreira and Marc Anthony pose with boxer Oscar de la Hoya and his girlfriend, model journalist Holly Sanders.

鈥淭hank you LA鈥 What a night鈥 Happy Birthday Comadre!鈥, wrote the Puerto Rican singer next to the message. Eva Longoria had a birthday this March 15.

Among the thousands of comments on the publication, the one from Ferreira herself stands out: 鈥淯nforgettable night鈥, wrote the Paraguayan next to a little face in love.

Many of the comments left by the singer鈥檚 followers in the publication highlight Ferreira鈥檚 appearance: 鈥Beautiful Couple, we are waiting for you in Paraguay鈥, 鈥淍nadiatferreira bring Marc back to Paraguay!鈥, 鈥淭he best Marc Antony with the most beautiful in the world Nadia Ferreira鈥, 鈥
How beautiful @nadiatferreira鈥, 鈥淢y little life with the miss of the country, the most beautiful, Nadia鈥.

For a few weeks it began to be rumored that the Puerto Rican singer and Ferreira had a romantic relationship after being seen in a restaurant and enjoying a Greek tradition that consists of throwing plates on the floor and then having a brief kiss that was captured on video.

In social networks, many people reacted to a possible relationship between these two personalities: 鈥淢arc, look for one of your age, millet, stop making young girls fall in love and get them excited鈥, 鈥淗e is already too old to look for girls, they will not work at all鈥, 鈥淚f he is happy, then long live love, he deserves to be in love too 鈥 not only the JLo鈥,鈥滾ong live love and get married as many times as necessary鈥,鈥漎ou should look for one of your age to formalize and sign your home with young people, you will never do anything鈥, they said in a publication to the respect that Suelta La Sopa made on his Instagram profile.

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