Margot Robbie’s reaction when she saw John Cena without clothes at the Oscars – El Diario NY

Margot Robbie’s reaction when she saw John Cena without clothes at the Oscars – El Diario NY


During the delivery of the Oscar awards 2024 John Cena caused a stir when he appeared on stage without clothes. Because of that, the protagonist of “Barbie”, Margot Robbiehad one of the most hilarious reactions seeing your daring in front of a Dolby Theater packed with celebrities.

The actor and professional wrestler starred in one of the most unforgettable moments of the night when he appeared covering his private parts only with an envelope to present the Best Costume Design award, demonstrating once again his ability to surprise the public with his charisma and daring by agreeing to carry out said act on a night where thousands of people around the world are attentive to what happens in the ceremony.

Before the astonished gaze of those present, the camera was able to capture the reaction of her friend and partner, Margot Robbie, who could not help but say surprised face and laughas did those in the audience.

With only the envelope of the nominees on his body, Cena walked slowly to the middle of the stage and then asked for help reading the list of candidates because he couldn’t get the envelope from where he had it.

Once the required clip was played with all the nominees, Jimmy Kimmel appeared helping him put a kind of curtain over his body and dressed like that he finally announced the winner of Best Costume Design, which was in the hands of Holly Waddington for his work on “Poor Things,” one of the most nominated films of the night.

Cena’s appearance at the 96th Academy Awards will surely remain etched in viewers’ memories as one of the funniest and most surprising moments of the event.

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