María Celeste, less than a month after her partner’s death, took her suitcases and went to Mexico – El Diario NY

María Celeste, less than a month after her partner’s death, took her suitcases and went to Mexico – El Diario NY

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María Celeste Arrarás dedicated herself to enjoy the company of your children to relax and reflect in Mexico about everything that had happened in the last few weeks. However, let us remember that she is still in a stage of mourning for the physical departure of Raúl Quintana, although she found comfort in the love and support of her children.

“We had this mini vacation planned many months ago to celebrate Adrián and Lara’s graduation from the University. I wanted to bring them to San Miguel and Mexico City because they had only visited Cancun. “We didn’t want to cancel it because Raúl was always happy seeing us happy and we bring him on the trip with us, in our hearts.”the journalist began by telling ‘People en Español’.

The television presenter also took the opportunity to add details of her trip: “Our days are going to be about walks and delicious dinners and about talking and creating memories. Now more than ever it is clear to me that one should not miss the opportunities to live to the fullest.. It is something that has always been my creed, but what happened to us confirms to me that it is the correct philosophy of life.”

“I had wanted to visit this Magical Town of San Miguel de Allende, a World Heritage Site, for a long time and for one reason or another I couldn’t. So “It emerged that the wedding of Carlos Adyan and Carlos Quintanilla, our good friends, was decided to be held here and that sealed the deal,” he told the magazine.

Maria Celeste She took advantage of this time to reconnect with herself, Take care of your emotional and mental well-being, and regain strength to move forward in life. Throughout his days of rest, he dedicated himself to resting, enjoying nature and doing activities that brought him joy and inner peace, although this weekend he will attend the wedding of his friend Carlos Adyan.

“Even at the hotel where we are staying, which is beautiful, the Rosewood San Miguel, They have gone out of their way to make us feel special. They embroidered cushions for the room with the names of each of us and they put the four of us in slippers to sleep in,” he added during the conversation.

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