María Celeste vs Telemundo: Carolina Sandoval reacts and says that the host is too big for so much ‘cheap’ television”

María Celeste vs Telemundo: Carolina Sandoval reacts and says that the host is too big for so much ‘cheap’ television”

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All this drama between María Celeste and Telemundo began with the interpretation made by the hosts of “En Casa con Telemundo” after she showed her dissatisfaction with the victory of Miss USA as Miss Universe 2023. The former host of Al Rojo Vivo never tried to belittle the work of her friend Myrka Dellanos as a judge in said beauty pageant, but this was what the program of implied.

In the Telemundo production they even said: “Myrka Dellanos is going to answer the attacks of María Celeste Arrarás on her role as a judge”, This is what generated the total discontent of Arrarás, explaining that she never sought to belittle her friend’s passage through this contest.

Carolina Sandoval, a friend of María Celeste, She did not remain silent and has left this message to her friend: “My Maria Celeste, people who only act following the herd have no other option than to seek prominence with the real stars of television like you.… now remember that they will surely tell you that “Things have changed” and maybe it could be that they have, and it’s good that they haven’t we belong to that group of hypocrites!”

“You are and will be for life. You will never pass because you are not one of those who becomes fashionable, but one of those who is never forgotten. You are too big for so much mediocrity and “cheap” television. Television that once used your indisputable talent. #thingsthatexpensive”.

Arrarás, for her part, has responded to the program like this: “I am surprised after hearing that on the show “En Casa con Telemundo” they criticized me and misrepresented my comments about the election of the Miss Universe contest. That the presenter of that program, for whom I have always felt great appreciation, says that I attacked the winner in an ugly way is nonsense.

Here is the post with all of María Celeste’s statements:

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