María León will be in the final of “Look Who Dances”, who will win?

María León will be in the final of “Look Who Dances”, who will win?


María León heading to the final of

María León heading to the final of “Look Who Dances”, who will win? | instagram

Look who is dancing” is the dance contest that has been turning around on social networks, as it included very famous celebrities as its participants, each with a noble cause, in the case of the artist María León, your support is for children with cancer.

For a few months, a new episode was released every Sunday, where the contestants gave their best on the track seeking not to be eliminated and continue in the program, it is about to be the final, next Sunday, November 20 to find out who will be the final winner.

The three contestants who will be present are the influencer Jorge Anzaldo, the singer Ana Isabelle and the mexican composerso the competition will be on fire, since they are the three best dancers so far, it will be a final full of emotion and a lot of suspense.

Maria Leon She is one of the finalists who, since the show started, has been one of the netizens’ favorites to win the program, due to her extensive career in music and dance, as she is a very talented, committed artist and above all with experience.

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For two episodes in a row, she was crowned “the best of the night”, so the odds that she will win the contest are high, on the other hand, there is also Ana Isabelle who has proven to be a very perfectionist and an excellent dancer, who won in the second episode as “the best of the night”.

And the Mexican Jorge Anzaldo was crowned as the third finalist and was crowned as “the best of the night” in the last episode of “Look who is dancing“, his incredible steps gave him a chance to reach the final and his fans are sure that he will be able to do it.

Therefore, the audience of the program is curious to know which of these three talented artists, who throughout the week are working hard to win and thus leave everything on the track.

Maria Leon she is getting ready to set the floor on fire and dazzle with her coordinated movements in the company of the talented dancer and choreographer.


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