Mariana Levy’s son felt watched at Ana Bárbara’s house – El Diario NY

Mariana Levy’s son felt watched at Ana Bárbara’s house – El Diario NY

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In the last weeks Ana Barbara has sparked a new controversy. On this occasion it is related to José Emilio, the son of the deceased Mariana Levy. It should be noted that both lived together after Levy’s death.

Ana Bárbara was the partner of José María Fernández, known as ‘El Pirru‘, from 2006 to 2010. The relationship began just a year after Levy died, so ‘El Pirru’ and his children formed a family with the singer.

Although the controversy has been going on for several weeks, a few days ago José Emilio gave an interview to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante where he gives details of what he experienced inside Ana Bárbara’s house, especially about the treatment that began to be given to him when his new partner arrived.

It must be remembered that it has been stated that Ángel Muñoz, the singer’s boyfriend, is abusive and controllingalthough she denies it at all times.

One of the most amazing facts that José Emilio gave was that a camera was installed pointing at the bathroom door. He explained: “There was literally the bathroom door, I came out and the camera was here -back-, because his bed was here -in front-. That is, if José María – son of Ana Bárbara – came out naked, Ángel could have seen it.”

During the conversation he also made it clear that he was not worried or nervous about the lawsuits that Ana Bárbara has threatened him with, he assures that he will have no problem because everything he has said to date is true.

We must also remember that at the beginning of February it was said that Ana Bárbara bought a mansion in Beverly HillsCalifornia. At the time, some media joked that he would not have anyone to share the house with, since he was arguing with his children and other close people.

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