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Maribel Guardia explodes against those who call her old

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Julián Figueroa and Maribel Guardia

The actress Maribel guard She lashed out at those detractors who called her “old” last Monday. At 62, he has shown on his social networks that he is better than ever. “Oh, I do not care, that they say what they want,” he said during an interview with journalist Edén Dorantes.

The singer also defended her youth and her way of being. “Nor am I a gold coin to be liked by everyone. The hills are old and they turn green ”, he indicated. In his speech he left a reflection to his audience. “As you see me, you will see yourself … if it goes well for you,” he said.

It is not the first time this has happened, so the actress has shown her exercise routines several times in order to stay in shape. “I love taking care of my stomach. I like to keep it tight and firm, and this machine really works miracles. They don’t know how wonderful it is, ”he said while promoting Emsculpt. “It makes the muscle fiber deeper and stronger,” he said.

He also told the communicator what he wanted to achieve for next year. “My purpose is rather to be happy, to impose myself to be happy and to complain less, because one complains about everything: if things are going well or badly, if you have a lot of work,” he said. “Total that one always has a moan in the mouth. It is very ugly to be complaining. I think I’m very complaining, I think that will be my purpose: not to complain, “he added.

A few weeks ago, Guardia had to say “goodbye” to a loved one. “My beloved Paris, today you went to doggy heaven, leaving a void in my heart. Thank you for all the love you gave me during these 14 years. I stay with your gaze, with your millions of tail movements, with the barking of happiness that you gave me every time I came home. I am consoled that the day I die you will be waiting for me with Pariño, Siquesi, BanBan, Tina and Minina. Until then, princess, ”he announced on his Instagram account.

To this, many people joined in his grieving process. “Mari a huge kiss! How hard, but it will always be in your heart. He has a super mom ”, wrote a user on his profile.

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