Mariela Sánchez, ex-girlfriend of Cristian Castro reveals how the singer ended her

Mariela Sánchez, ex-girlfriend of Cristian Castro reveals how the singer ended her


The scandal continues between Cristian castro and Mariela Sanchez: his engagement fleeting ended up being in the media because as soon as he brought his partner to Mexico, they decided to break up, from one day to the next, without the reasons being clear at first. But it is now the Argentine who decided to come forward and reveal how the singer ended it; In addition, she confessed unpublished details of what happened that day Cristian and she separated.

He engagement of Cristian castro and Mariela Sanchez He was surrounded by controversy and spotlights; Since it became known that Verónica Castro’s son had a partner, everyone wanted to meet the woman who had conquered her heart. Mariela Sánchez is a 42-year-old Argentine businesswoman who is dedicated to the real estate sector; She in her country is famous for providing accommodation to important personalities from the entertainment world.

In fact, this is how Castro and Sánchez met: in an interview, the singer mentioned that he was surprised and fell in love with Mariela when she rented him a house; According to her words, Mariela is a very hard-working woman and, for that reason, he is glad to have met her. The relationship seemed promising, but unfortunately, the romance ended and not in the best way.

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In recent days, several rumors have circulated about what happened to the couple, it was even said that Cristian castro He was controlled by his ex-girlfriend, since she managed his social networks and his bank account. This was denied by the Mariela Sanchez in an interview he recently gave to an Argentine media. It was there where she told why Cristian ended it and if there is a possibility of reconciliation.

How did Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez end up?

In an interview for the América TV network, Mariela Sanchez He gave details of how he ended up with Cristian castrowhen they had only been a couple of months engagement: “There was a discussion and I made the decision to return (to Argentina),” he said, although he did not give more details about it. “The artist’s life is very complicated, the soap opera of all the media lasts longer than what I lived with him. I was with him for 45 days, I am 42 years old…”, said the Argentine.

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Likewise, he added: “We have to keep the beautiful experience, the truth is that this makes me very ashamed because the way I exposed myself… I acted like he acted, naturally, I am left with the memory of the normal kid, common and nothing more.” When questioned about his relationship with his ex-boyfriend’s family Cristian castroMariela said that she has great respect for them and was left with a very good impression of everyone.

Could they reconcile Cristian castro and Mariela Sanchez? During the interview, she was very clear in saying that this is not a possibility, especially because she believes that he is distrustful, since he became jealous because she saw a photograph from 2022 of her partner, which she did not he liked it. “No, come back, that’s not going to happen. I’m sure, what I’m talking about is in general. I never had anything bad about him, we did have a strong argument at the last because he saw something that wasn’t and I couldn’t support it.” “he indicated. For this reason they would not resume their engagement.

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