Mario Balotelli explodes a firecracker in the middle of the locker room where his teammates were – La Opinion

Mario Balotelli explodes a firecracker in the middle of the locker room where his teammates were – La Opinion

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‘Turbo’ Mario Balotelli, who was one of the most dangerous and talented forwards at his time in world football and also a member of the Italian national team, he was a player who made a difference on and off the field of play, and because of his crazy actions that he usually offers, he leaves everyone with their mouths open when they occur.

Balotelli, 33 years old, is competing in the Turkish league with the Adana Demirspor team and was once again in the spotlight for a debatable action as to whether or not it was controversial, since many even consider what ‘Turbo’ Mario did as a very peculiar and even funny gesture.

Joke or out of place?

Through a video that the player himself decided to make public on his social networks, you can see how the forward himself lights a firecracker. inside the club locker room and threw it into the middle of the room and in a matter of seconds it exploded. Balotelli also accompanied the video on his Instagram stories with several emojis of faces laughing at the event.

It should be noted that this is not Mario Balotelli’s first experience with pyrotechnics since last year 2017, in November, The news was announced that his house had burned down due to some fireworks that the former AC Milan and Manchester City striker himself had mistakenly launched from his bathroom.

Physical change for Balotelli

At the end of last February, Balotelli was the protagonist on social networks and several websites in Turkey and around the world for his impressive physical appearance, one that had changed and Internet users expressed themselves about it: “If they had lost track of him, this is Mario Balotelli…” he emphasized. Another joined the comments with the question: “What happened to Mario?” upon seeing the recording that the club published through Tik Tok in which the forward appears joking with a teammate. A third user, jokingly, shared: “Now I can say that I have Balotelli’s physique.”

Car crash

In addition to the aforementioned, ‘Turbo’ Mario was also the protagonist in a car accident when last November He was involved in one at the time his Audi Q8 collided. The forward needed help to get out of the car and ended up standing but in poor condition before falling to the ground, according to information from Sky Sport.

Mario Balotelli’s long career can also be seen in a total of 11 different teams where he played, in countries such as Italy, England, France, Turkey and Switzerland.. His career also includes having participated in international championships at the national team level, playing in a World Cup and a European Championship with Italy. Among the most renowned clubs in which he was able to display his talent and nose for goal are Manchester City, Liverpool of the English Premier League, as well as AC Milan and Inter Milan of Italy’s Serie A.

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