Maripily Rivera talks about Aleska Génesis: ‘Not even being born again is real again’ – El Diario NY

Maripily Rivera talks about Aleska Génesis: ‘Not even being born again is real again’ – El Diario NY

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Maripily Rivera spoke to the press on May 23 after arriving in Puerto Rico, where she was received like a queen for her triumph in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’. In her statements, the Puerto Rican woman spoke about her conflict with Aleska Génesis, a Venezuelan model.

“The house is over and they still continue to say that you are not worthy of this victory,” a reporter told the Puerto Rican woman.

In response to the comment, he indicated: “Aleska is the most false thing, I have forgiven her a thousand times, I have given her opportunities, but I believe that even if she is born again, she will not be real again.”. We must introduce him to Anuel so that he can teach him real to death and he knows what it’s like to be real.”

Later, she said that when she met her at the Mexico City airport to travel to Miami, she told her to apologize for the fights inside the house and that there were no quarrels, but what was the surprise? That she later said in an interview that she did not understand how the Puerto Rican woman won this competition.

“How crazy, I looked at her like that and said that I wanted to drag her away, but I said that I was going to focus on my interviews and I knew when I was going to get revenge.”he claimed.

That’s how when they met on Telemundo, she stopped him and told him not to greet her, because he was being hypocritical.

“I understand that she is a woman who, in order to get attention, needs to turn off the light of others and empower herself alongside men, do what she is doing and it is better to ignore her, they are people that I cannot put myself on the same level as, there are “We have to teach him with golden gloves,” he said.

Within the competition and especially in the last stage, Maripily Rivera was involved in major discussions with the Venezuelan, because she joined with Lupillo Rivera and they formed an alliance with which they dreamed of winning the final that ended with the Puerto Rican as the main protagonist, since It was her who the public supported with their vote.

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