Maripily Rivera won ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: the best reactions to her victory – El Diario NY

Maripily Rivera won ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’: the best reactions to her victory – El Diario NY

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The Puerto Rican actress Maripily Rivera had an intense game inside ‘The House of the Famous 4’, reality show on the Telemundo television network, which helped him win the program.

After four months in which she had a fierce attitude most of the time, the “Boricua hurricane” showed that she was one of the most media-worthy and capable of connecting with the public and that is why she took home the $200,000 dollars.

Many messages of support were seen on social networks for the famous woman, who thus achieved one of the most special moments of her career.

Manelyk González, who took second place in the first season of the reality show, wrote on his X account: “OMG! I gave Maripily a 50% chance of winning and she swept. Well deserved, that woman gave content 24/7.”

Nicky Chávez, former participant of the program, also left a comment on X after the Puerto Rican triumph: “Beautiful, congratulations Puerto Rico. There are two who win in a row, Romeh the best. In the end it was shown that it was not bad as they wanted to paint it if it had not been third place.”

Television presenter Ana María Canseco commented: “Yeeey, bravo, Maripily winner.”

Maripily Rivera winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’

Shortly after they announced her victory, the Puerto Rican left the house and reunited with her son Joe Joe and her roommates from the Tierra room.

In addition to this, the public in the studio received her with great emotion after her time on the program.

This is the second Puerto Rican to win this show, since in the third season Madison Anderson Berrios won.

However, they were two different personalities, since Maripily was characterized by leading several arguments within the house, while her compatriot had a calmer and sweeter game.

The truth is that by showing themselves as they are, it allowed them to achieve success within the reality television program.

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