Marjorie de Sousa and the details of her most recent professional triumphs – El Diario NY

Marjorie de Sousa and the details of her most recent professional triumphs – El Diario NY

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Marjorie de Sousa assures that the projects that are about to be released such as ‘Golpe de Suerte’ by Nicandro Díaz and ‘El Conde’ are a challenge for her, since they allow her to explore different facets as an actress and demonstrate her versatility in the world of entertainment . Additionally, she highlights the importance of working on productions that address relevant themes and that connect with the public in a meaningful way.

“The truth is, in a very beautiful stage, things happening that sometimes, if you coordinate it, don’t even turn out the same. I’m just releasing three projects at the same time, and two very important ones that are going to be released on networks that are competitors… They are very beautiful characters, characters who gave me magic and who gave me, allowed me to dream. So, very soon you will be able to enjoy me on Univision screens with Golpe de Luck. That is the last project that I just finished recently with Nicandro, here at Televisa. It will be on the Univision screen on May 28… And the exact date of the other project is in June, but I don’t have yet what date it will be released, but they are both in prime time, so we are happy,” he mentioned in exclusive to ‘HELLO! AMERICAS!’, about what he is experiencing.

The Venezuelan spoke about the role she plays in the production of the late Nicandro: “Eva Montana (Golpe de Suerte) is a very cynical character, she is a tasty character. She is a character where she is so authentic and so herself that you even believe her… She is a very ambitious character, she is a very intelligent woman, she is a journalist who has super-calculated every step she takes, she is a villain, But she is a very fresh villain.”

“Cayetana Carrá (El Conde) is a character who is a very well-known actress and singer, but she also has a very nice bond with El Conde, and She is madly in love with him, but this character is not bad. He is a very good character and he is a character that you say: ‘Oh, please, let him stay with him,’” he added in the aforementioned magazine.

With an agenda full of commitments and projects, Julián Gil’s ex-partner continues to consolidate her career as an actress and is preparing to continue delighting its audience with its talent and charisma on the small screen. Without a doubt, this Venezuelan is at her best and promises to continue surprising everyone with her performance.

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