Marjorie de Sousa poses with her son and unleashes the anger of Julián Gil

Marjorie de Sousa poses with her son and unleashes the anger of Julián Gil

The endless story. Marjorie de Sousa welcomed Christmas with a festive cover with her son Matías de Sousa. The pose also highlights the release of a Christmas song recorded by the actress and the little one, 5 years old.

A medley with the classics “Santa Claus came to town” and “Rudolph the reindeer” make up the cover that mother and son recorded with the intention of giving people an injection of happiness. «I told Mati: ‘What if we record another song? You have to make a song that makes people happy,” the interpreter told People en Español, who some time ago recorded the Venezuelan bonus “El burrito sabanero” with the child.

“It was very nice,” Marjorie said of the experience. “At the end of the song there is a message that Matías came up with to record: ‘remember not to make fun of others, we are all special,'” the soap opera villain recounted as “The Count: love and honor«. The video for the song will premiere this Monday, November 28, on the Telemundo program “Al Rojo Vivo.”

Although the photos and the song were celebrated by the majority of Internet users, Julián Gil, the boy’s father, took advantage of the publication on Instagram of the aforementioned portal to attack the artist from Caracas.

As will be remembered, after their separation, De Sousa and Gil s embarked on a media battle for the custody of the child. Currently, the presenter of the entertainment reality show “Sit whoever can” has no contact with the minor.

“Incredible how to normalize… such delicate topics… This type of publication threatens millions of children who continue to suffer from ‘parental alienation,'” Julián Gil wrote in the comments section of the post of the aforementioned magazine. “Matías at the time will realize all the damage that has been done to us… Regrettable,” he said, adding the emoji of a broken heart to his message.

And in a postscript, he added: “”It would be nice to see if they sing a song for Parents’ Day, right?”-

In a later entry in the post, he stated: “I hope @peopleenespanol does not deactivate comments (as they always do) so that my son reads and knows things as they are.”

As usual, users took sides for one or the other. Those who support Gil also highlighted the boy’s resemblance to the southern interpreter. «So that he remembers Julián for the rest of his life. Precious Matías, just like his father »and« She now sees everything calm, but when that child grows up she will see reality », expressed the pro Gil.

Among the followers who defended Marjorie, one pointed out: “How ridiculous are people making comments in favor of Julián Gil because of what he commented. She is a mother and it is not wrong to record a song with her son; Stop biting Julián’s cake, in the world there are millions of fathers who live with their children and don’t even determine them. She is not a bad mother, her son lacks nothing. Nobody knows the leaks in someone else’s house; they comment as if they had absolute truths (…)».

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