Marjorie de Sousa wears a top that shows off her voluptuous breasts and toned abdomen

Marjorie de Sousa wears a top that shows off her voluptuous breasts and toned abdomen


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The actress Marjorie de Sousa surprised her more than nine million followers of the Instagram social network this weekend and is that she constantly uploads content about her so that her fans do not lose detail of her life and everything she does with the passing weather.

The Venezuelan in this opportunity it was recorded while walkingwhile the sun’s rays were illuminating her, which was not a problem for her, since she was wearing glasses for that type of weather. Also, she was all dressed in black and a top that highlighted her voluminous breasts.

soap opera villain In this way, he revealed his toned abdomenwhile freckles did not go unnoticed. Marjorie wore pretty cool makeup, while her hair was loose with some waves that went according to the weather at the time.

In turn, the comments did not wait after de Sousa shared the sensual video where she shows much more than her breasts with the daring outfit that she decided to wear on a sunny day. Therefore, countless netizens took a few seconds to tell her how good she looks at her age.

“Brand Venezuela, sign of quality those freckles“, “Happiness is just as you say. Neither before nor after”, “Beautiful as always”, “Step aside because a Goddess is going to pass”, “You can’t handle so much”, “Happy Sunday, beautiful”, “Bella”, “beautiful, I love and admire you”, “But how perfect”, “Although I am not a miner I have discovered the emerald”, “Princess”, “What a beautiful flower”, “I’m happy with what I see“”, “Beautiful, you are a queen”, “You are the most beautiful thing I have seen in my entire life”, “Most beautiful, greetings and blessings”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

the publication in one day it had more than 21 thousand ‘likes’a fact that would continue to maintain the mischievous smile with which he appears in the video that he posted on the platform.

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