Mark Tacher leaves ‘Top Chef VIP 3’: what happened to the famous actor?  – The NY Journal

Mark Tacher leaves ‘Top Chef VIP 3’: what happened to the famous actor? – The NY Journal

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Mexican actor Mark Tacher left the reality show ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ in its first week, news that surprised the audience, because the culinary competition that tests a group of celebrities has not progressed much.

Through social networks they shared an image in which they talked about the departure of the artist, known for his participation in successful soap operas such as ‘La hija del mariachi’, ‘Abismo de passion’, ‘Mujer con pants’, among others.

“Today Mark Tacher leaves the competition 😭 Raise your hand if you miss him!” they wrote on Telemundo’s Instagram account.

The followers of the program hosted by Carmen Villalobos reacted to this news with hundreds of messages they left on the Instagram account of the Telemundo television network.

Some opinions that were read were: “The program just ended and I didn’t see it coming out, could it be that it was when I went to the bathroom?”, “This program is not in anything, just starting and one has already come out. I only see it because Alicia Machado is there and Niño Prodigio, but the others are bored”, “I thought it would last longer”.

Others wrote: “What a shame, daddy, you were my favorite”, “So soon? Celebrities are very delicate”, “The most beautiful part of that kitchen is gone”, “And why? What happened? “Someone tell me.”

This departure occurred shortly before the first elimination occurs on ‘Top Chef VIP’, which will be next Monday.

The reality show has had an important challenge, due to the success achieved by ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’, which swept the prime time ratings for weeks, basically due to the very controversial cast it had.

However, the format of the culinary show is very different, because although there are constant challenges, the personalities of the participants are not as much the focus as in the reality show.

The truth is that it is a show that has a specific audience, who closely follows the preparations, some more demanding than others, but in the end they test the participants in the kitchen.

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