Matías Novoa and Michelle Renaud show some details of their house in Madrid – El Diario NY

Matías Novoa and Michelle Renaud show some details of their house in Madrid – El Diario NY

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In recent days it has been seen the happy reunion between Matías Novoa and Michelle Renaudsince the couple has been in charge of sharing the details of Novoa’s arrival in Madrid, Spain.

few months ago The move of Michelle Renaud, currently pregnant, to the Spanish capital was announced. The couple decided to move to Spain; However, Novoa still had some projects to complete in Mexico.

At the time They shared a nostalgic farewell and Novoa said: “I’ll catch up with them later, I’m still working. “I would leave right now.”

Now, he has been able to reunite with his family on the other side of the planet. In a publication made by the same actor on his Instagram account, he wrote: “A little bit of these busy days.”

The publication was accompanied by several photos showing details of the home that they will now share. The house looks quite large and although the exact location is not knownit is presumed to be in a quiet area of ​​Madrid.

The house is surrounded by large trees and nature. Its structure seems modern in style with glass walls, terraces and quite sober decoration.

Definitely the best part is the views and outdoor areas where they can surely rest and their children can play and enjoy.

On the other hand, through Instagram stories Renaud told his followers that he is remodeling one of the bedrooms in the house.because it will become the place of the baby who is on the way.

At the time of the move they also announced: “The baby is not born here (Mexico), he is born in Spain, we have a life plan there.”

At the moment it is unknown if either of them has big projects in Spain, but they are undoubtedly very happy with the new stage of life they have begun.

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