Mayeli Alonso, ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera sparks pregnancy rumors with Andy Ruiz Jr.

Mayeli Alonso, ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera sparks pregnancy rumors with Andy Ruiz Jr.


Who has been giving a lot to talk about in recent days is the Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife, Mayeli Alonsosince many rumors have surrounded her about a possible pregnancy along with her boyfriend Andy Ruiz Jr., this according to information from the program “Siéntese qué puede”, according to the words of journalist Shy Gutiérrez, who gave some clues about this on his social networks.

Through his Instagram account, the communicator shared a photograph in which the couple can be seen while holding a newspaper in which its title caught attention, for what he announces, since everything indicates that they areexpecting their first baby together.

“Baby Ruiz due summer 2024. Baby Ruiz coming soon”.

As an exclusive from Shy, it is indicated that the baby could be born on any day of the year. summer 2024 and indicated that it is something that was already suspected in the city of Los Angeles, since the rumors began when she refused to give an interview, since there would be a risk that her baby bump.

IG @andy_destroyer13

According to Gutiérrez’s written words, in addition to refusing to give interviews, he was also seen to be very confident and it is even said that they could have sold the pregnancy exclusive to an important entertainment magazine, so confirmation is now expected. .

“Bombaaaaaaaaaaaa what we already suspected here in Los Angeles because it is said it is rumored that @mayelialonsooficial @andy_destroyer13 will be a dad this summer. That’s right Mayeli Alonso will be a Mom again. Zazzzzz now I understand why she didn’t want to give interviews and a lot of security around her. It is rumored that they sold the Exclusive to a Magazine. Is it True?”

Mayeli Alonso confirms the rumors

The famous woman took advantage of the fact that rumors about her pregnancy had begun to circulate, so it was she herself who announced the news and confirmed that she is indeed expecting a baby with her boyfriend, in addition to breaking the news through her networks. social in a very original way.

And Jenni Rivera’s ex-sister-in-law shared a video through her Instagram account in which you can confirm the images next to the newspaper that say “Baby Ruiz is coming”, but not only that, but she also showed her tummy, which is already quite pronounced, since she is expected to give birth in the coming months.


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