Mayeli Alonso, Lupillo Rivera’s ex, gives all her support to Jenni Rivera’s children against Rosie and Juan

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Mayeli Alonso is on the side of Chiquis Rivera and the rest of his brothers. The businesswoman and ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera is on her side and on his nephews, since she has never communed with the family of her former husband. It is known to all that she has never gotten along with Rosie Rivera, much less with Juan. Lupillo himself has also turned his back on his sisters, delegating himself from them to support his nephews, asserting that only they deserve to live on their mother’s name, forever.

It was the Instagram account of the Chisme No Like program, the site that exposed Mayeli Alonso’s reaction. And the fact is that the businesswoman opened a space for questions and answers with her fans, when one of them expressed the following: “I sang your action for Jenni’s children, how beautiful. You are beautiful”.

Before the comment of his follower, Mayeli Alonso replied: “I felt it as a mother. I know that maybe they don’t occupy it, they don’t even know it, and even if some people get upset, I’m here for them, whatever it is. (Whatever). Hara to throw put * zos is offered ”. But she also repeated for the third time that she was there for them for “Whatever.”

Mayeli Alonso, according to Gossip No Like, has admitted not having a good relationship with Chiquis Rivera, but they assure that she is aware of everything that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex has done for her brothers, whom she has even sheltered, cared for and loved as if they were their own children. Hence, her young brother Johnny López is so attached and loving to her.

The war between the Rivera and the children of “La Diva de la Banda” broke out, until it turned “ant-colored”, after Chiquis published the following video in which he left his aunt Rosie completely exposed, thus gaining support of all the public and a good community of celebrities.

Jomari Goyso, like many others, has reiterated his support for the singer with these words: “Your mom from above is very proud of you.”

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