Mayhem Review: Save the world and prove your innocence with this thrilling adventure

Mayhem Review: Save the world and prove your innocence with this thrilling adventure


It recently premiered Mayhem in Single Valley a title that takes us to a world of 8-bit features like games from a few days ago were, that although this could cause some nostalgia among the players, they would also be happy for the adventure presented in the video game, since it contains puzzles with a high degree of difficulty, in addition to having an interesting plot involved which puts a somewhat serious teenager in serious trouble. Join us to see such an interesting video game.

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We enter the world of Mayhem in Single Valley after seeing how our protagonist named Jack is having a dream in which a terrible plane crash happens and he sees the need to rescue all the passengers, however, Jack fails, because a plane turbine ends up burning everything .

It is time to wake up and Jack prepares to go to another city by plane, because for school reasons he plans to go elsewhere to continue with his studies, before leaving he takes care of a few tasks, where we can see that Jack has a quite normal family, they have their dad, their mom and their little brother, as well as an adorable puppy.

Finishing his earrings, Jack heads to his old treehouse for one last look at the view of his hometown, but this wouldn’t be entirely emotional, as he sees in the distance a distorted, humanoid-shaped shadow infecting the river with a green substance, which alters the animals in the area making them more aggressive, and just at that moment a man who was passing by is attacked by one of these animals and in the distance he manages to see our protagonist to later blame him for what happened. what had happened

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In Mayhem in Single Valley We can appreciate a fairly simple handling in the controls, in addition to being quite intuitive for people who get to play the title. Mayhem has some features previously seen in other titles such as dodging, picking up objects, jumping over obstacles, storage capacity and helping different NPCs to receive an insulating tape that will be useful to improve our equipment and provide us with respective improvements that will help us. They will help us on our adventure.

Some of our enemies will have different mechanics that will represent some difficulty to avoid them, since some will leave for a short period of time an area in which if we get to be we will suffer damage if we have a shield or garbage cover and if not, it will be an insta game over. In addition to the fact that due to plot issues, we will face various climates that will help us or that will be quite annoying to pass certain areas, so we recommend that you carefully analyze the environment and the patterns of said climatic disturbances so that the game does not give you some complication.

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Technical section

The setting in Mayhem in Single Valley It is well achieved, a quite adequate environment, in addition to its own characteristics. Although we must admit that some areas could be a bit poorly connected because out of nowhere you are in the middle of the forest and the next moment you are on a cliff with a car on the shore and with a train that if you take time to avoid it you will be left with an interesting game over scene

For the part of the soundtrack, this is divided throughout the world of Mayhem in Single Valley In cassette form, this music is pretty good and it depends on which style you prefer to listen to while venturing into the world of Mayhem.

While the performance of the game (at least in the Nintendo Switch version) tends to give some FPS drops that lower the performance of what is displayed on the screen, so it would be a plus if this was fixed in a future update of the qualification.

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Mayhem in Single Valley It is a quite entertaining title and with a certain degree of difficulty for those people who are looking for a challenge without going to such extremes as the Souls franchise is, in addition to the fact that you can calmly take free time to go through it little by little, since there is no scenes or areas that depend on a lot of concentration or that even take hours to pass. Without a doubt, it is a good title to spend on weekends.

Before finishing we want to know your opinion. What do you think of the game based on our review? Would you give the title a chance? Let us know in the comments. Also do not forget to visit the online stores of the platforms where it is available Mayhem in Single Valley this in order to make a copy if it has caught your attention.

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For my part this would be everything, I thank you for the time you took to read this review and I thank tinyBuild for letting us test this game on the console nintendoswitch, thank you so much!. I say goodbye for the moment, my name is BlackDemon and we’ll see you in a next review.


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