Mbappé stood out in PSG’s win against Juventus although he denied Neymar a pass to close the match

Mbappé stood out in PSG’s win against Juventus although he denied Neymar a pass to close the match

Mbappé scored two goals against Juventus.

Mbappé scored two goals against Juventus.

Photo: Mohammed Badra / EFE

PSG beat Jventus with a couple of goals from Kylian Mbappéin a game where the French were superior but could not finish closing the game due to the failure of chances and specifically highlighting the moment in which the French star denied a pass to the Brazilian Neymar.

According to the EFE news agency, the French team once again demonstrated the punch of their lead, with Kylian Mbappé scoring a bracebut compared to other seasons he showed a more robust midfield in Europe.

PSG and Juventus goals

Mbappé opened the scoring early in the 5th minute of the game in a play started by the Brazilian Neymar who, showing all his talent, hit a ball with three fingers and over the defense, immediately afterwards the French star managed to hook an accurate forehand volley that entered the back of the net.

Four minutes later, again Kylian Mbappé was present on the scoreboard after a wall inside the area with the Moroccan Hakimi in which both walked with quality over the Juventus defense.

PSG dominated from then on but failed on many occasions and left Juventus alive, however they were not going to lose the lead on the scoreboard.

The anecdote between Neymar and Mbappé

The curious anecdote within PSG was starred again by Mbappé and Neymar. According to EFE, the French star was able to score the third goal in minute 51 but the striker chose to try to shoot without an angle instead of giving the death pass to a Neymar who was completely alone. The Brazilian immediately gave the Frenchman an eloquent look of reproach.

Faced with this failure came Juve’s goal when Kostic hung the ball in the area and McKennie won the position the three central Parisians to head past a Donnarumma halfway out. The goal made a PSG suffer that went from 3-0 to 2-1 and was a bit disconcerted.

Vlahovic tried it and although without success, the message to the Parisians is to take a lesson in power in the future to close the games and especially to such complicated rivals. It should be noted that the last two occasions were for Neymar and Mbappé with a couple of counterattacks that ended up crashing into the goalkeeper.

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