Memo Villegas Takes His Love for Boxing to the Screen

Memo Villegas Takes His Love for Boxing to the Screen


Memo Villegas you have played a police officer, a con artist, a teacher, but now he brings to the screen a character that excites him greatly because he is a boxer. “I am a boxing fan, in my life I have always been inspired by Rocky, and it may sound like a cliché but this movie is a dream come true,” said the actor in an interview.

Villegas stars in the film V for Victor, which he filmed in Spain, and for the time being, his preparation was precise. “I don’t practice boxing, I don’t like that, I like the training exercises, I love watching it, I really enjoy boxing matches. For the movie, what I liked was that we worked directly on what was going to be seen in the scenes, because there was no time.”

The film marked a part of Villegas’ life. “The film is about sports, but also about facing fears. I like these sports movies because it’s a good combination. “I have my personal history with boxing, I’m a Rocky fan, so in the story I experienced my love for the sport, but I also thought about my fears.”

In the film, he shares credits with Joaquín Cosío, with whom he had fun moments. “We have known each other since Narcos Mexico, since 2016, and we became friends.

I admire him a lot, as we know the acting beast he is. I enjoyed my time with Cosío a lot because besides being a colleague, he is a friend. Suddenly learning from your friend, from someone you have seen on screen long before you wanted to be an actor is a blessing, it is our third job together and when you find out who your co-star is going to be, besides enjoying what you are going to do on set, you enjoy what you do off set.”

PLOT Victor is a former boxer whose career was cut short by an unfortunate blow. Since then, he has worked various jobs to survive, but everything changes when his eight-year-old daughter, Luna (Camila Núñez), discovers on the internet that her father was once a famous boxer. Determined to change her destiny, Luna embarks on a mission to get her father back in the ring.


  • The film premieres on May 16.
  • Frank Ariza was the director of the film.
  • Pocholo and Norma Angélica also participate.
  • Danna García has a special appearance.

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