Men of Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson and Kanye West, find everything by text messages and publish them!

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are delivered to love.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are delivered to love.

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Pete Davidson made public the text messages he has sent with the ex-husband of his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Kanye West. In the same it is seen that they got everythingbut the most unusual thing is that have made them publicyes Apparently, Kim Kardashian鈥檚 boyfriend couldn鈥檛 take it anymore and faced the rapper and author of the successful 2021 album 鈥淒onda鈥.

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Dave Sirus, who also works on 鈥Saturday night Live鈥鈥 with Kim Kardashian鈥檚 boyfriend Pete Davidson was the one who helped the 28-year-old to make public these messages where he and Kanye West had a very strong text exchange.

The actor Peter Davidson wants to kanye-west give him face At the same time, she asked the ex of kim kardashian to stop airing personal problems on social media because of the damage this is causing your family.

鈥淚t鈥檚 me, Skete, can you鈥 Calm down?鈥 It鈥檚 8 in the morning and things don鈥檛 have to be like this,鈥 he wrote. Peter Davidson to kanye-west. 鈥溾he鈥檚 literally the best mother I鈥檝e ever met. What she does for those children is incredible鈥 Mature for a f***ing time鈥淗e added about his girlfriend kim kardashian.

What鈥檚 more, Peter Davidson went further and when asked kanye-west about the location of the stars saturday nightlifeanswered: 鈥In bed with your wife鈥, while sending him a photograph. But it did not stop there, Kim Kardashian鈥檚 boyfriend she advised the father of her children to take control of her mental health: 鈥淚 also struggle with mental issues. It is not an easy journey. You don鈥檛 have to feel this way. There is no shame in receiving a little help鈥︹.

Peter Davidson also showed the 鈥渃ompassion鈥 he has felt for kanye-west at your workplace: 鈥淚 have prevented saturday nightlife I mentioned you because that is what they wanted to do. I鈥檝e kept the others from making jokes about you in their monologues because I don鈥檛 want the father of your daughters to look bad. He has your back even if you treat me badly because I want everything to go well. But if you keep pushing like you have for the last six months, I鈥檓 going to stop being nice.鈥

Let鈥檚 remember that kanye-west has already made several public denunciations to kim kardashianespecially for their children. She recently criticized her and demanded that she not put their daughter on social media again, after she appeared in a video of tik tok. In addition, in the new video of him someone very similar to Pete is seen. Which Kanye decapitates and buries. Not to mention that the new partner of the exponent of hip hop She is a double of Kim Kardashian and looks exactly like the socialite.

After literally begging before a judge in the state of California, he was finally granted kim kardashian The divorce. The couple have joint custody of their four children, but are in constant public conflict over them.

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