Mercedes-Benz Recalls Nearly 8,396 Of Its Vehicles: Due To Bad Hands-Free Detection Software

Estrella de Mercedes Benz

The German car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, is recalling about 8,396 2021 and 2022 models for a fault that increases the chances of a crash.

The concern is due to a software issue with the advanced driver assistance system Distronic vehicle. The issue specifically affects the car鈥檚 steering wheel hands-free sensing system. and makes the vehicle believe that the driver鈥檚 hands are on the wheel, even if they are not.

This, in turn, may result in the automated active stop emergency assistance feature not working as intended and helpful reminders not being displayed.

What cars does this recall affect?

The new Mercedes-Benz recall specifically affects 2021 and 2022 Class C, Class E, Class S, SL, Class E Coupe Convertible, CLS, AMG GT Coupe 4-Door and EQS vehicles equipped with a heated leather steering wheel. .

The automaker will begin notifying owners by mail around May 20, 2022.

Being a software issue, the fix appears to be relatively straightforward and involves Mercedes-Benz dealers updating the software in the vehicle鈥檚 hand detection control unit.

However, if you believe your vehicle is subject to this recall and you have further questions, you may contact Mercedes鈥 US customer service department at 1-800-367-6372.

what is the system Distronic?

This is a detection and prevention system called Distronic Plus. The system avoids or reduces small collisions caused by driver distraction thanks to its new technology that detects the car in front and brakes automatically if a possible crash is anticipated. Its main objective is to help drivers who have been distracted at specific times and avoid a possible accident.


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