Mexico fell far behind in the export of soccer players to Europe – La Opinión

Mexico fell far behind in the export of soccer players to Europe – La Opinión

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United States soccer has dominated its Concacaf rival. Even though Liga MX clubs still compete continentally, At the national team level, the USMNT looks much superior to El Tri. This present can be explained with the export of American soccer players to the Old Continent.

Mexican football ceased to be a tournament that exported young figures to European football. In the so-called top five leagues of the Old Continent (France, Spain, Germany, Italy and England)there is very little Mexican presence.

The lack of Mexican players in the most important tournaments in Europe may be one of the reasons for the bad present of the Mexican team. The United States is nourished by players who, week after week, play in the elite of world soccer and This is what they have shown in their matches.

Mexico is crushed in exports

Major League Soccer is a very attractive market for European clubs. Currently, The United States can make up to two teams armed with players from Europea luxury that El Tri cannot afford.

In the English Premier League they play 7 footballers from the United States; Spain has 2 Americans in his tournament; Italy has 4 players; the German Bundesliga has others 9 players and closes the French Ligue 1 with 2 more Americans.

Across the street, Jaime Lozano cannot boast a similar number of Mexican soccer players in the best leagues on the European continent. The Aztec team only has 6 players between those tournaments.

In England there are only Edson Álvarez at West Ham United and Raúl Jiménez at Fulham. In LaLiga there are two other Mexican players; Julian Araujo with Las Palmas and Cesar Montes with Almería. They play in the Italian Serie A Guillermo Ochoa in the Salernitana and Johan Vasquez in Genoa. In both the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 there are no Aztec pieces in the first division.

In this sense, this is another slap in the face to football development in Mexico. The United States continues to strengthen its tournament, developing players and exporting them from a very young age. This allows the USMNT to have a large base of footballers at the disposal of Gregg Berhalter and with the hope of achieving a great World Cup in 2026 given that Concacaf has already dominated it.

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