Mhoni Vidente launches DISTURBING prediction about the April solar eclipse |  VIDEO

Mhoni Vidente launches DISTURBING prediction about the April solar eclipse | VIDEO


Many people always want to know what destiny has in store for them and what will come in the near future in the new month of April, so let us remember that astronomical phenomena also have a great influence on all of us, just as it will happen with the next eclipse total solar that will take place on Monday, April 8 and with it, there are already a series of predictions that Mhoni Vidente has for us.

The astrology expert recalled that in addition to the eclipse, the moon new will be the one that is during this phenomenon and will also pass the kite Devilbut assures that April 8 will be one of the key days not only in this year but also in this century, so it is important to know what events could occur.

And the fortune teller did not hesitate to launch a disturbing prediction that could occur as a consequence of this total eclipse and she made it known through her official YouTube channel, so here we will tell you everything that could happen worldwide. .

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Mhoni Vidente’s predictions for this total solar eclipse

The astrologer assures that the month of April will be key in terms of climate because everything will happen, in addition to the astronomical phenomena already mentioned there will also be meteor showers, so for Mexico we will expect a intense heat according to the letter of the Sun, which will be dominating the month, since there will also be few rains.

Likewise, there will be important changes in terms of rain, but this will be until the end of April or the beginning of May, in addition to the fact that solar storms will continue and it is very important to take appropriate care against the sun for our health.

Mhoni Vidente assures that the letter that governs these days is that of the Emperor, which indicates that world leaders are talking about what will begin third World War and that the attack that occurred a few days ago in Russia would have caused the president’s fury Vladimir Putin.

He also assures that the Illuminati are beginning to move and generate strategies for this world war and the troops of many countries are alert for any movement that may happen, and we could begin to see attacks in France, Spain or the United States.

Some of the countries that could be mainly involved in the war would be France either Polandin addition to ensuring that they want to start provoking and find out which nation will have the greatest domination, protection and can survive all this, so it is only a test.

  • Celebrities go to jail

According to the fortune teller, there will be a lot of drama in the industry musical in Hollywood after the accusations against the rapper were revealed Puff Daddy for sex trafficking and other abuses, who have already had two of his mansions searched, while he has been declared a fugitive from justice.

And the rapper could go to jail, but not only him, but also Jay Zwho is Beyoncé’s husband, and who are two of the most powerful and influential rappers in the industry, in addition to many of the victims could begin to come out and speak.

But they would not be the only ones involved, but many would be splashed mainly by Diddy, such is the case of Jennifer Lopezwho had a long relationship with the rapper, who could be called to reveal everything she knows, since the information she has could be fundamental.


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