Mhoni Vidente reveals which FAMOUS businessman could be the antichrist |  VIDEO

Mhoni Vidente reveals which FAMOUS businessman could be the antichrist | VIDEO


Mhoni Vidente has become one of the most popular and recognized astrologers because she is always warning us about what can happen in the future through the predictions and not just talking about horoscopes, but also about quite important issues and topics worldwide on topics such as politics, climate, natural phenomena, wars, celebrities and more.

That is why we usually consult the Cuban woman, since many of her predictions They have become a reality and that has made their work recognized and given us greater certainty and security about what we will have to be prepared for in the coming days or months.

We are always attentive to the new predictions that the psychic usually makes with the entry of a new month or even a new sign and now that this era of Gemini has entered, she has warned us about a famous businessman that he could not be what he seems and on the contrary, be a complete villain.

For some time now, the fortune teller had spoken about the existence of the same Antichristbut she had never revealed who it was until now and according to her, it could be Elon Muskwho is one of the most successful billionaires with Tesla and X.


Mhoni Vidente assures that Elon Musk is the Antichrist

Through the media “El Heraldo de México”, the astrologer indicated that a couple of years ago, no one knew of Musk’s existence and it is not known where he got so much money from to the level of being one of the greatest tycoons and millionaires, so your can It is immense.

Besides Of the companies or businesses that he already has, Mhoni assured that he is also looking to buy the Facebook social network and that “he is finding the chips or machines so that blind people can see, those who cannot walk can walk.” so it would be a new investment and technological novelty.

“It’s almost God,” said Mhoni Vidente.

That is to say, with these discoveries and scientific developments, many people could believe that he is a superior being by giving them back their sight or the ability to walk again, which would lead them to praise him and follow him, In addition, he has great power in communication.

His great charisma and power may be some of the characteristics that the Antichrist may have, but many also prefer to believe that he is a False prophetsince there are many coincidences around it, although either of the two options would be a possibility.

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