Mhoni Vidente reveals who will be the president of the US;  “a prosperous era is coming for Latin America”

Mhoni Vidente reveals who will be the president of the US; “a prosperous era is coming for Latin America”

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With the last days of May at hand, the ‘Age of Gemini’ begins with great transformations, changes and opportunities. In this sense, the prestigious Mhoni Vidente has already done a couple of predictions that will change the course of the world, at least, the way we know it today. And the famous Cuban fortune teller not only predicted news related to entertainment or sports; In addition to everything, she gave a preview about American politics, specifically about the billionaire donald trump and about the presidency of this 2024.

Mhoni Vidente predicts the future of Donald Trump and the US presidency

Through a live broadcast through their official channels social networks, Mhoni Vidente delved into the coming ‘Age of Gemini,’ as well as the main public figures who carry this zodiac sign. This is how the Cuban fortune teller assured that donald trump He will have an excellent streak during this time, enough to sweep the votes next November, and therefore, to reach the presidency again. The above will be possible even in the midst of the marked legal problems that afflict Almanate, the fortune teller was also very clear:

«donald trump He was already chosen by the powerful to run as president in the November elections. He is strong and is not afraid of what people will say. He is now overcoming all the problems that he brought with him in legal matters, and in fact, he will become president again. That’s right, eh: he will make very strong reforms. What he does know is that very good things are going to come for Argentina, for Cuba and for Venezuela.

According to predictions of Mhoni Vidente, donald trump It will be key for Argentina’s economy to recover greatly. She claims that the ‘future’ president of the United States will get large investments and loans; which will be mainly due to the ideals that she shares with the libertarian president Javier Milei. In addition to the fact that Argentina will be able to regain great stability, Mhoni added that Trump will also help Cuba and Venezuela with an unprecedented geopolitical change. All of this glimpses ‘a prosperous era for many Latin American regions’ in the Cuban’s words.

However, regarding Mexico, Mhoni Vidente it doesn’t have that good predictions within the framework of the renewed American presidency. Apparently, the old quarrels with donald trump They will take their toll on this country: «Unfortunately, there are serious problems with tariffs, many conflicts regarding migration issues and border closures; In short, it will be a time of many disputes.»

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