Miguel Herrera denies that Cruz Azul is afraid of América, but insists that the Águilas are favorites – La Opinion

Miguel Herrera denies that Cruz Azul is afraid of América, but insists that the Águilas are favorites – La Opinion

Miguel Herrera, technical director who, when he was in charge of América, defeated Cruz Azul in two finals, said in a telephone conversation with La Opinión that the Águilas team is superior and that for that reason it is the favorite to be crowned, but at the same time he denied that the cement workers have created a “psychosis” against the colors of Coapa or that they feel afraid when facing them.

“No, I don’t believe the truth, especially now that the board and the owners are different; There are other managers, president, staff, coach, sports supervision, players are others, it is a totally different team from those who were in 2013 and those who were also in 2018,” Herrera said about the mental aspect of the Machine.

“Maybe there are some from 2018, but there is no one from 2013, obviously all that changed. Today they will have other arguments, but without a doubt America is the favorite. In my opinion, in my taste, I think they are going to do it, I think they are going to win this Sunday,” Herrera highlighted.

To reinforce this point of view, the so-called “Piojo” said: “I think that in the starting teams the two teams are very even, but in the matter of wanting to bring in fresh people, young people, I think that America has the advantage of changing course. of a game, especially because they are a larger, more important team. I think there have already been several important close confrontations and now will not be the exception.”

Herrera also referred to the fact that it would be a very hard blow for the Cruz Azul fans to suffer the third consecutive defeat in duels against América in a grand final:

“Especially for the fan who has experienced all these things that have happened to Cruz Azul, that does not change, they have been there, supporting their team and obviously it has hit them very hard, I think that for them it would be a tremendous blow if América gives them the third setback in the finals, but we will have to wait for the game and see how it goes.”

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Miguel Herrera ended up recognizing the work of Martín Anselmi in Cruz Azul. Photo: Rafael Vadillo/Imago7

Herrera also explained that the key in the match will be the bench of both teams: “I think that the bench of America sets the tone, with players with a lot of quality and that undoubtedly have a specific weight on Cruz Azul. I think that’s the difference.”

Finally, Miguel Herrera recognized the work of Argentine Martín Anselmi, coach of Cruz Azul: “He has done quite well, he has been able to connect the stands very well with the field with interesting players and obviously in the league he played much better, although in the last match against Monterrey left something to be desired with many doubts, and I really wouldn’t be in the final if Monterrey hadn’t failed so much. But he has had a great tournament. His first championship and having put together a team with people from different sides. I think he has had a very good tournament.”

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