Miguel Herrera threw a strong dart at the Red Devils: “Toluca was a misleading finalist”

Miguel Herrera threw a strong dart at the Red Devils: “Toluca was a misleading finalist”


Miguel Herrera continues with his controversial statements.

Miguel Herrera continues with his controversial statements.

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Miguel “El Piojo” Herrera disparaged what Toluca did in the Liga MX Opening Tournament and called them “misleading finalists”“. The statement was made in an exclusive interview with Roberto Gómez Junco. From there he assured that America was the team that should have been in the final since, in his opinion, they passed over those led by Ignacio Ambriz.

In the same way, he assured that the Red Devils were very lucky because the goals against America came from errors and specific situations, including a bad start by Guillermo Ochoa.

I don’t know if Rayados and Toluca arrived half confident against Pachuca, in the case of Toluca for having eliminated America“, quoted the controversial strategist of Tigres de la UANL.

Although honestly it was somewhat misleading about them because América in the two games went over them, it was much superior and they literally lacked a goalHerrera continued.

These statements evidently disqualify what was done by Toluca, a team that against all odds ended up leaving America out, who were the favorites to win this championship, due to the excellent regular round they played.

Words of praise to Pachuca

Despite his disqualifications against Toluca, Miguel Herrera had words of praise for Pachucaremembering that his team was the only one that ended up making them a match in the playoffs, before they thrashed Monterrey and the eleven choricera.

I think that Pachuca has a point in its favor, they put quality young players, not just to put them on, they make very good kids and throw them into the ring. This Pachuca presses from all sides, everyone goes to the ball and tries to steal it from the rival field. When they retract they have a deadly kickback,” he stated.

On the elimination of Tigres at the hands of Pachuca

As mentioned above, Tigres ended up being the only team that could match Pachuca, if there is something that Miguel Herrera can say it is that his team fell against the champion.

Faced with this reality, he was self-critical. “We should have left the first leg game with one or two goals ahead because we had them and we didn’t scoreyes There then they scored us quickly, we equalized and when we were better they scored us in a counterattack”, said the strategist.

“We sinned as innocents, our pleasure lasted very little and again there was a lack of forcefulness,” he concluded.

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