Miguel Layún and Iván Zamorano accuse former referee Felipe Ramos Rizo of not knowing the rules – La Opinion

Miguel Layún and Iván Zamorano accuse former referee Felipe Ramos Rizo of not knowing the rules – La Opinion

Luis Malagón’s penalty play that put Cruz Azul up 1-0 in the first leg of the grand final of the Clausura 2024 tournament vs. America continues to generate all kinds of controversies and now the analysts of the TUDN network, Miguel Layún and Iván Zamorano, attacked the former whistler and ESPN referee expert Felipe Ramos Rizo with everything, for having pointed out that the American goalkeeper deserved expulsion for said play.

As you will remember, Jonathan Dos Santos incorrectly returned the ball to goalkeeper Luis Malagón, where Cruz Azul forward Uriel Antuna stepped forward and was knocked down inside the area, resulting in the maximum penalty. but without deserving a card from the whistler Fernando “Curro” Hernández, an omission that has ignited social networks.

In their participation in the Línea de 4 program, both former América players were lapidary in their trials against Ramos Rizo, whom they accused of not knowing the rules of the game and of being the baddest whistler that Mexican soccer has ever had.

Together with the analysts Alejandro de la Rosa, the Chilean former Real Madrid scorer Iván Zamorano, Emmanuel “Tito” Villa, Miguel Layún and David Faitelson, went to the task of analyzing the performance of the whistler Fernando Hernández, where the controversy was generated and which gave rise to criticism from these two analysts.

The first to show his disagreement with the former refereeing international who at the beginning of this century had an important significance by participating in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, was the former América defender Miguel Layún, stating that: “Felipe Ramos is a whistler who must sit down with the referees to ask them what the new regulations are. Until six months ago he was still playing, the whistlers They told us that if you arrived with your leg extended over an opponent it was expulsion, but if you did it flexed, then it was yellow.”

I don’t understand Felipe why he wants to turn the networks on with this controversy, If not it’s a red card. I think what it amounts to is serious rough play.”

While Iván Zamorano was more directive and stated that: “Felipe Ramos Rizo was the baddest referee in Mexican soccer in my playing days.”

The moment of greatest splendor with Chilean Iván Zamorano’s América was in 2002 when he achieved the champion title and that obviously marks many of his current opinions. Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AP

At the end of the day Zamorano, Layún and De la Rosa, wanted to justify the markings of the whistler Fernando Hernándezwho would have gone down in history as the whistler who dared to send off the América goalkeeper with just seven minutes of play in a final.

Now we will have to wait for Marco Antonio Ortiz’s performance in the grand final, when the refereeing union expected international César Ramos to perform, but the Referees Commission had another criterion and the best soccer refereeing card in Mexico will stay watching the grand final at home.

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