Miku Itou, voice of Miku Nakano, talks about her hidden passion for Tokusatsu

Miku Itou, voice of Miku Nakano, talks about her hidden passion for Tokusatsu

In an interview, Miku Itō mentions his love for the genre Tokusatsu, which is characterized by the intensive use of special effects, mainly in science fiction, fantasy and horror. He also comments that “Ultraman Legros» is a story that addresses the past of the mysterious hero Ultraman Legroswho made his debut in the original syndication work «Ultra Galaxy Fight: Collision of Destiny«.

Spicawith the voice of itouis a fighter who has mastered the «Cosmo Genjuken«, a strongest martial art in the universe, and is a user of the «High Speed ​​Frozen Leopard Fist» that manipulates the frozen air.

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The character has a cute appearance and is a bit like an older sister, so she also plays the role of pushing everyone’s back and could fight on equal terms with legrosand he is a strong character. itou she mentions that she is full of love for special effects in each answer. She says that she has rediscovered the charm of special effects as an adult because she has grown up with the hero since she was little.

The seiyuu Miku Itou, Miku Nakano in real life, and her passion for Tokusatsu

Future Detective

He notes that he often liked them for their cool visuals and fighting style. As an adult, I can follow the story from the monster’s point of view, so I can understand why monsters do bad things. Thus being able to enjoy the characters and the story more deeply, making it attractive as a single drama.

Thus being able to enjoy the characters and the story in a deeper way, which makes it attractive as a single drama. Miku Itō He mentions that when you see him again as an adult, you can discover new things and experience emotions that you didn’t feel as a child, so he highly recommends being able to watch this type of genre.

In addition to that job, Miku Itō He has had the opportunity to participate in special effects projects that he likes, such as the theatrical version of Kamen Rider Zero-One REAL x TIMEthe drama Kamen Rider Reviewthe anime Future Detective, among others. According to herself, she feels really fulfilled with these works.

Miku Itou, the voice actress behind Miku Nakano, shares her love for Tokusatsu

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itou she also comments that, during her childhood, she could not tell the people around her that she liked the genre of tokusatsu. However, while working as a voice actress, she met many fans of the tokusatsu and she realized she didn’t have to hide it. The office president even told her “You should show what you like” and she included “I like tokusatsu heroes” as a hobby on her profile. In that moment, she was able to speak without hesitation, which taught her the importance of expressing what she loves herself.

To end the interview we can appreciate how the seiyuu comments “I can’t stop being a tokusatsu hero!” with a big smile. When she was asked why she still loves special effects, she also replied “Because new things are being updated and every time a new one comes out ultraman, a new main character and a new story, I get excited and can support with a new feeling: ‘What kind of story will it be this time?’. However, since they offer something new every time, it fills me with gratitude. It is the charm of special effects.”

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