Miss Brazil 2018 dies at 27 years old; The beauty queen lost her life after tonsil surgery

Once again the world of beauty is in mourning after the death of who was crowned Miss Brazil 2018 was revealed.

His name was Gleycy Correia and was only 27 years old, but apparently it was a tonsil removal operation, the one that would finally take his life.

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Today we tell you the details of the case and why his family points out that his death was caused by medical negligence.

Who was Gleycy Correia?

Gleycy Correia was born in a poor community in Brazil, she even used her social networks to talk about her humble beginnings.

鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 really born in a golden cradle, I鈥檓 from a very humble family, but I鈥檓 very proud of that, very proud.鈥 wrote in a post.

Correia started working at the age of 8, landing a job as a manicurist at a beauty salon in her neighborhood.

As a teenager she began participating in local beauty pageants before finally becoming crowned Miss Brazil at the age of 23 in 2018.

After winning the contest, the young woman worked as model and expert in cosmetic procedures, becoming famous thanks to her Instagram page, where she published most of her work.

Was the death of Miss Brazil 2018 medical negligence?

The Mirror revealed that the beauty queen underwent an operation to remove his tonsils at the end of March.

Five days after his intervention he had a hemorrhage in your house and after being taken to a hospital for treatment, she suffered a cardiac arrest on April 4, which would leave him in a coma until this day when his death was finally confirmed.

鈥淪he had surgery to remove her tonsils and after five days at home, she had a hemorrhage. She went to Unimed hospital and went into cardiac arrest on April 4.

鈥淪ince then he was in a coma, without neurological activity, and today he died,鈥 he told the middle priest of the Lidiane Alves Oliveira family.

Meanwhile Jak Abreu, another pastor and family friend, stated that the parents of the brazilian believe that there was medical negligence during the extraction because they argue that It was just a routine operation that due to a medical error ended up deteriorating Gleycy鈥檚 health.

The young woman had more than 52 thousand followers on Instagram, and her family was the one who took over her account after she fell into a coma.

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Until now, autopsy results are pending and it is unknown if her family will take legal action against the medical team that treated her.

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