MLB: The three changes that Major League games will have starting in 2023

MLB: The three changes that Major League games will have starting in 2023



Major League Baseball (MLB) announced this Friday, September 9, three changes that will be implemented in the games starting in the 2023 season. These modifications were approved after testing in the Minor League games.

The changes consist of a time clock for pitchers, limitations on defensive positions and an increase in the size of guards. for hitters.

One of the new changes that the MLB will have is the pitchers’ clock to speed up the game time. Between batters they will have 30 seconds to get to the batter’s box and receive the first pitch.

The pitcher will have a maximum of 15 seconds between each pitch to make the next pitch, when there are no runners on the bases. If there are players on the bases, the time will be 20 seconds between each pitch.

If the pitcher does not pitch during that time, a bad ball is added to the batter’s count. Whereas if the batter is not in the batter’s box he will be awarded a strike.

Defensive adjustments have become commonplace for teams in recent years. Fielders position themselves towards a certain sector of the field based on the batter’s tendency to hit the ball towards that spot.

With the new change, this will not be able to happen on the pitch. The MLB announced that it must There must be two defensive players on each side of second base and they must have both feet on the infield.

This means that the shortstop and third baseman will not be able to move to their right, and the second baseman and first baseman will not be able to move to their left based on the batter’s bias.

The basics of the Major Leagues they are currently 15 square inches in size and starting next year they will be 18 inches. The plate will not be modified and will keep its current size.

The goal of this change will be to help prevent collisions between players when the play is close at the time of putting out. It will also help runners increase the number of bases stolen and hit during hits.

This increase in pads will bring the distance between first and second base, and second and third baseis reduced by 10 centimeters, which could lead to an increase in stolen bases.

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