Montserrat Oliver and Paola Rojas end rumors of an alleged love affair and clarify doubts – El Diario NY

Montserrat Oliver and Paola Rojas end rumors of an alleged love affair and clarify doubts – El Diario NY

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Paola Rojas explained that there is a great friendship between them, but that there has never been anything beyond that. She assured that she respects and admires Montserrat Oliver, but that her relationship is not one of love, but of colleagues in the world of television.

“One day I was talking to Marcelo, my boyfriend, and he said something like: ‘How pretty.’ I asked him one of those questions that have no good outcome, I told him: ‘Who looks beautiful to you?’. He told me: ‘You,’ I said, ‘Seriously, tell me someone.’ He tells me: ‘Montserrat Oliver’”Rojas mentioned in the ‘Montse and Joe’ space.

The Mexican gave details of the moment when her partner met the actress: “When he came to live here (Marcelo is Argentine), he would see you at the gym in Polanco and he will not forget it. With that he had and I told him: ‘If it’s Montse, there’s no problem, you’re authorized, but so am I.’ Montse makes an impact and they even gossiped about us and we want to clarify… With that a gossip was created that yes, the three of us, that the four of us are already happy.”

Montserrat, for her part, also commented on the rumors and assured that both she and Paola are public people and that they are used to things being invented about their personal lives. He clarified that he never had an affair with the journalist, but that he feels very happy to be able to count on her friendship and support in his career.

“Then she arrived very pretty when we threw the jewelry and she arrived, “I don’t know how you came recording and we almost kissed on the mouth,” Oliver said.

Paola Rojas says goodbye to a stage

“Recently I had a very hard and very sad period, I was very confused for months, my boyfriend accompanied me very lovingly at that stage, it had never been necessary for him to protect me like thatbecause I had not been weak or vulnerable and that process brought us very close and I felt that I needed it,” he expressed in an interview on ‘Netas Divinas’.

The Mexican during a conversation on ‘Siéntese donde puede’ spoke about her romantic relationship: “Yes, I am very happy, “We have been together for a long time, but I talk very little about the subject, but I have been very happy for a long time now.”.

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